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Name That Vegetable; Garbanzo Beans

This week’s “Name That Vegetable” is ….

The Garbanzo Bean (aka chickpea)  are unique because they’re officially part of two food groups: vegetables and protein.

There are two types of chickpeas: desi and kabuli. Desi contains smaller, darker seeds and have more of a rough coat. Kabuli is a larger, lighter colored bean with a smoother coat.

Nutritional Info:

Garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, are legumes high in protein and fiber. They are also packed with vitamin B and iron. Vitamin B nourishes the nervous system and improves learning capacity. Australian researchers found that a chickpea-heavy diet also helped lower blood cholesterol levels, including LDL or “bad” cholesterol.  Even more recently, the same group of Aussies found that chickpeas helped with glycemic control and insulin resistance — which may be valuable in the prevention and management of diabetes. Other studies suggest chickpeas can tame your appetite and help you eat less.


You can buy ceci (chickpeas) dried –  soak them overnight and then cook them. If you are a bit less patient, it is absolutely acceptable to buy them in a can. The simplest preparation for chickpeas is to buy them in a can. It is suggested you keep a couple cans in your pantry so you can enjoy them year round with a few easy steps.


Today, chickpeas are used in a large variety of recipes. By themselves they can be used in salads, soups or stews, or as a quick snack. In India, where the chickpea is known as “chana”, a large number of recipes are based on the chickpea. The chickpea is the main ingredient in many Middle Eastern dishes, like falafel, where it is ground and shaped into balls, and in hummus, where it is cooked, ground and made into a dip.



Rec Sports Wrestling Tournament!

If anyone enjoys wrestling, listen up! The Wellness Center is having an upcoming wrestling tournament for all students, faculty, and staff that are interested.

The event is Saturday, November 17th starting at 3:00PM. It is $5 and you can pre-register online, at the front desk of the Wellness Center, or you can even register the day of the event. To learn more about registration visit our website:

If you’ve ever wrestled before, or might be interested in trying it out for the first time, feel free to sign up and join in on the fun!

FREE Things Friday: Skinfold Assessments

This week, FREE things Friday is about the skinfold assessments offered to members at the Wellness Center. Many people don’t even know what skinfold assessment, I know I didn’t – so let me help you out! Body composition is the distribution of fat and lean body mass and the skinfold body composition assessment reflects both your physical activity and dietary practices. A skinfold assessment is approximately 15-30 minutes long. Sounds interesting, right? Call 777.3417 or stop by the Fitness Desk to schedule your appointment!


The entire month of November (the 1st – 31st) the Wellness Center will be running a fitness challenge called Row-vember! Participants will get a full body experience from this challenge. Rowing is a full body workout that is going to target nearly every muscle in the body…take about exhausting! This leaves participants not only being challenged physically, but they will also be pushed mentally through this rigorous competition.

All Wellness Center members are allowed to participate. 30 continuous minutes of rowing once a day is allowed. Sign-up is free and best of all…there will be prizes to the top contenders in the male and female division!

Who Needs Sleep?

As college students we have all seen the impossible triangle of college life. You might think that you can only pick one or two options between getting enough – sleep, good grades, or an exciting social life – I’m here to tell you that if you find balance in your life you can have all three! College is not an easy transition for many incoming freshmen and many of them develop mental health issues and have irregular sleep cycles. In a recent study conducted at North Dakota State University in 2011- incoming college freshmen had the highest average number of days a week where they woke up feeling unrested. The two main reasons for not getting enough sleep were studying late into the night (28.8%) or socializing with friends (22.7%).

Definitely, one night of staying up late to study or hang out won’t hurt you in the long run, but the problem lies when it is done repeatedly. During sleep is your body’s time to rejuvenate itself, and if you don’t give it that time- all aspects of your life can suffer. Bad sleep habits can link directly to poor grades, energy level, and personal health. In a study done by Select Comfort, the mean GPA for college students was a 3.08 with poor sleeping habits, where as it was 3.27 for students who have developed consistent sleep tendencies.

The one thing that can help you obtain all three corners of “the impossible triangle” is time management skill. This is what you can do to sharpen the skill:
• Find out where you are wasting time. You can do that by tracking your daily activity. Ask yourself “How do I spend my week? How do I spend each day? What time am I actually wasting?” Remember that time management is about changing your behavior and not your time.
• Determine your goals and plan your time. First, think about what your goals are for the semester. Then, prioritize what needs to be done this month and create a weekly schedule. By having a schedule and actually sticking to it- is a great way to be productive!
• Use time management tools. You can use a program like Outlook to create your weekly calendar and get updates.
• Celebrate for sticking to your schedule. Do not forget to treat yourself for the progress you are making and the schedule that is helping you!

By using these simple techniques you will be surprised have time you have for everything you need. So is it possible to get enough sleep while having a good time at college and get good grades at the same time? Absolutely, yes! It is all about having a plan and being committed to accomplishing your goals.

Meet Your Student Health Services Providers – Nicole Wilson

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships seem simple enough: be nice, don’t cheat, be present. However, it takes time and mutual effort to keep them healthy and strong.  When you look deeper into your relationship, whether with a boyfriend or a girlfriend or even with your best friend,   you might notice four major foundations stemming from respect, trust, communication, and honesty.


If you respect each other and honor each other’s thoughts and opinions, you will feel stronger with   each other. Respecting that person’s differences as well as physical and emotional boundaries are also very important elements of healthy relationships.  Respect starts with getting to know each other the best you can. Thus, spend time with each other and ask each other important questions, such as “What is important for you?” “What do you like and do not like?”, or “What are your boundaries?” will lay a good foundation for your mutual respect.


Trust is a huge part of a relationship. Trust enables you to encourage each other and celebrate each other’s successes. You will always know that promises will be kept and carried out. You must earn your partner or friend’s trust because when you need their support you would want them to be there for you. To build trust be reliable, be there for your partner when they need you, and keep in mind that building trust takes time and constant actions that build on each other.


Effective communication helps you understand your partner or friend better.  Active listening is a very important form of communication because you can learn about what is truly happening with another person, how she or he really feels. To become a better listener, you need to pay attention (both physically and mentally) to what a person is saying, defer judgment, provide good feedback, and remember to treat another person the way you want to be treated yourself.


If you are open and truthful with each other and being the “true you”, you will build on all of the other foundations of a healthy relationship which enable you to create a relationship. Be honest about your needs and concerns. By sharing them, there would be no extra tension in your relationship.

Now ask yourself: How solid is YOUR relationship?

Feeling alone, sad, depressed or anxious? Get up and move!

There are too many beautiful things in this world for us to live our life feeling blue. However, there will be times when different life struggles will come up, losing a loved one, dealing with a relationship problem, or getting through a tough class. 17% of the world’s population is suffering from depression, according to the Department of Physiotherapy at Lund University in Sweden.

Depression is a topic very near and dear to my heart and I am sure that if you think about it, you will be able to name at least one person you know who struggles with depression. Maybe you are one. It can be a touchy topic. However, it is – important to be open about it because there are ways to deal with it. One of them is simply exercise. I actually notice myself getting more stressed and anxious for things when I do not exercise.

Many studies have shown that exercising reduces the symptoms of depressions. The most recent study conducted, by Sebastian Eriksson and Gunvor Gard at Lund University, was done to see what type of exercise works the best to reduce the symptoms of depression. The results showed that lifting weights (free weights or machines) worked the best, with high levels of cardio exercise (75%-85% heart rate) working most of the time.  Thus, combining the two will give you your complete work out and the best, almost guaranteed, results you would be hoping for.

If you or anyone you know is struggling from feeling alone, sad, or depressed, know that you aren’t alone and exercise can help. Give it a try!

Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND, another cloudy day a high  of 40. Halloween weekend is coming up so get out there and find a Halloween party. Hear is some news for you movie lovers out there,

A Pennsylvania man was convicted of slithering around theater floors and stealing moviegoers’ wallets and purses.

Anthony Johnson, 49, may have taken as much as $70,000 per week, according to authorities. Along with his accomplices, Johnson used the stolen credit cards and IDs to secure cash advances at local casinos. They also purchased thousands of dollars worth of goods from area retailers. The movie of the week Cloud Atlas A fun Action Drama movie to watch on the big screen, This movie explores how the actions of individual lives impact other people lives past present and future. And now its time for Lynn Haman and what Grinds My Gears You now what grinds my gears,  I watch a lot of college football, people in stands always hold up 1 finger saying we are number one! Just for once I would like to see someone holding up two fingers or three and thats what grinds my gears. Have a good day everybody

HAUNTED HOUSE Halloween Dance

The Peer Educators are working with Walsh Hall to host a Halloween Dance in the Memorial Union Loading Dock on Halloween Night (Wednesday, Oct. 31st).

The event includes:
• FREE Pizza Ranch
• Costume Competition- prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
• Scariest Fish Bowl decorating competition (prize for 1st place)
o Includes a beta fish, , fish plant, etc.
• Scariest Haunted House building competition (prize for 1st place)

Bring your camera! There will be a haunted cemetery for picture taking!

Program starts at 8PM in the Loading Dock and runs until 11PM.

See you there!

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