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put DOWN the cookie

Finals are here… wait, WHAT?! How did that happen?! They always seem to sneak up on us.

In my family, I swear that our blood contains a stress-eating gene. Some people turn away from any sort of nourishment when they’re upset or stressed or feeling any strong emotion; I go to the fridge.

In college, I worked at a restaurant as a server. I’ll never forget one particularly challenging day that left me visualizing everything in my fridge that I was going to consume, one shelf at a time.
Luckily, I was able to calm down before I got home and that disaster was averted.

Another way that some people deal with stress is by calling on alcohol to “drown out sorrows.” It seems that alcohol, like food, can be used or abused in a multitude of ways. However, I can’t recall a time that either one solved my issue at hand.

Here’s the thing: there are SO many better ways to handle the stress you’re feeling. Simply put, eating due to extreme emotion or soaking up drinks will only end up giving you greater headache and heartache. Think about it; now you’re not only dealing with the stress of a test, a paper, or even a person… but now you might start freaking out because your clothes don’t fit like they used to. Or your concentration is “off” because you can’t stop thinking about an unfortunate decision you made while under the influence. It’s a vicious cycle. You’re smart- stay out of that loop in the first place.

I’ve found that one of the best things I can do when I’m stressed is to just go for a walk. The weather has been nice lately, and our days are long- take advantage! Even a 20 minute stroll around the block will help to clear and reboot your mind. Sometimes before a big test, I would pack up some notes and hit the pavement, walk to a quiet place and study there. The change of scenery always seemed to give me a renewed sense of “I can do this.” In the winter, I’d head to the Wellness Center with my notes and read while biking or walking (if that doesn’t make you dizzy). Time would FLY by, and I was accomplishing 2 things at once!

You can also just stop to take a breath and clear your head. Bear with me here… but I mean that you shut off the lights, sit in the quiet (or light noise if you’re like me and NEED noise), and just. breathe. It seems like such a simple thing, yet a lot of people struggle with the idea.
“There’s too much to do!” 
But is there…? Can you take 5 minutes (maybe skipping your hourly Facebook break) and do yourself a favor by clearing your mind? I think so.

One other suggestion that has helped me is reaching out to my friends and family. Pick up the phone, drop by their house, meet up for coffee… whatever it might be. Just connect with someone. Talk about what is stressing you out. Or completely avoid it and talk about the great things in life. Do what will help you.

The next few weeks will give you plenty of opportunity to make decisions. End the year right by being kind to yourself. If I was able to survive Chemistry in its many awful forms, I have full confidence in your ability to do the same!

Good luck with everything!


Running With Lynn Show

Good morning everyone it’s another wesday 10 08 in the am. THe weather was great yesterday, it’s looking good today and hopefully the weekend is nice. A couple of big sporting events happening this weekend, NHL Hockey playoffs and the NFL Draft, For all you MN. fans out there the Vikings have the 3rd pick in the draft, I think they need help in every position, so it will be interesting. A couple of good movies to watch this weekend Safe and The Raven.  Safe, a second rated cage mixed martial arts fighter is supposed to take a dive for the Russian Mob, he doesn’t and all hell breaks loose. The Raven, Edgar Allen Poe Joins Farces with a detective from Baltimore  to hunt down a serial killer this move is rated R for bloody violence and grisly images but the moive screen effects and thriller in this movie make it a good one to see on the big screen.

Have a good weekend

“The sky is falling! The sky is fall- wait a minute…show me the facts!”

“Chicken Little was in the woods. A seed fell on his tail. Chicken Little said, “The sky is falling I will run”. Little met Henny Penny. He said, “The sky is falling, Henny Penny.” Henny Penny said, “How do you know, Chicken Little?” Chicken Little said, “Some of it fell on my tail.” “We will run” said Henny Penny.” – English Folk Tale

We have all heard the story of Chicken Little and his falling sky, the pandemonium that he caused, and either the Disney outcome where he learned the errors of his ways, or the actual story’s ending where he and the whole gang ended up being Foxy Loxy’s dinner.

I didn’t know it then, but this story has been one of the most valuable stories in my life. After being read this story, and being the brilliant and imaginative children that my sister and I were (and still are!), we wanted to act out the story on our puppet show stage. And, naturally, we fought over who got to be Chicken Little and who had to be one of the other characters. Looking back, the star of the story shouldn’t be Chicken Little, but instead it should be Foxy Loxy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Foxy Loxy?! The one who outsmarted them all, the one who didn’t fall for gossip, the one who knew the facts!

Media has evolved to outstanding levels and has an enormous role in today’s society. It has been known to bring fame (Ahem…Bieber Fever started with his own YouTube post!), start trends (my grandmother can’t believe we want to wear the old vintage 50’s dresses in public, you know, the ones she saved for playing dress up.), and it has been able destroy empires (“I did NOT have sexual relations with that women” – President Clinton). As of recently, I have come across a couple of ‘fads’ in the media myself that scare me. One story brought almost instant panic and outrage to the food industry, “pink slime” (enter scary music here) and the other is a recent new diet therapy called the K.E. diet.

Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s results are amazing, it has the ability to shed unbelievable amounts of fat, help you fit into your wedding gown in just 10 days, is doctor approved (scary!), and all you have to do is be fed through a tube! With this latest diet blowing up media outlets I can’t help but think,”Where have all the Foxy Loxys gone?” Foxy Loxy didn’t join the caravan of panickers that Chicken Little led, he saw an opportunity. Now, our opportunity and Foxy Loxy’s opportunity are completely different except for one thing – survival. Our survival depends on us learning new things, adapting to situations, and making our own conclusions based on facts. Before joining the crowd, dig around, find the facts!

“Does it really work?” – Technically, yes. It does help you lose weight fast. “Is losing 20 pounds in 10 days healthy for our bodies?” – No.Our body needs certain amount of calories just to survive. “Is going from roughly 3,000 calories a day down to 800 calories per day natural for our bodies?” – No, again, you need to find out how much calories your body needs. This number is your survival amount, and the amount you need to consume to be healthy…not just skinny. “So, you’re saying this could be the same as starving our bodies?” – Yes! “What are you being fed?” – Protein, fat, and water. No fiber. No vegetable. No fruits. No dairy. All essential for proper vitamins and minerals for your body. Oh, and how could I forget no carbs! “Do Carbs play an important role in our body, they must not, otherwise they wouldn’t be eliminated?” -Ah, now you are asking the right questions! Carbs help our body get its energy form – glucose. Glucose can be stored as glycogen and when our body is lacking energy, it can use glycogen. This diet says you lose weight/fat because it starts ketosis. “What is Ketosis?” – Even better question! Ketosis is our body’s way of surviving during starvation. Our body, when it hits a level of starvation (glycogen and glucose are all used up), starts sparing vital protein (think heart, liver, and lung muscle. Not just the “guns” muscles) and starts using our fat stores to make ketone bodies for our brain to function. It is our body’s last ditch effort to stay alive without using important muscle tissues (if your body began breaking down your heart and liver, you know the consequences). “But, I thought a doctor came up with this diet? Doesn’t that make it OK?” – Here is where most people can get hung up. Do your research on the founder/creator! What are their credentials? Do they have a nutrition background or education, how long have then been practicing? Are other companies promoting the idea? What do other doctors/health-care professionals think? Is the company making money? Are they playing on a certain population or trend? These are all question that should be asked and answered. The fact is Americans want to lose weight an easy way, and we all know women have one day they want to look their best, no mater what. The K.E. diet plays into these two ideas.

I have done my research, and have enough nutritional education to know this is not okay and not even close to being healthy. But, have you? Have your friends? Has your future wife? If not…do it. Look for reputable sources (websites that end in .org or .edu are a good start) and look up the scientific words and learn what they mean. Call around to trusted health care professionals, and here is my little plug….if it has to do with food, diets, or anything nutritional, find a dietitian or a licensed nutritionist. After all, they did go to school to study how food works and how it works in our body!

To me, the creator of the K.E. diet is a Foxy Loxy too, he saw an opportunity and acted on it. And we all know the oldest trick in the book on how to beat your opponent. You must think like them to better your odds to beat them. So, the best way to ensure your survival when you come across a Foxy Loxy, is to become one yourself!

Watch the video about the K.E. Diet. Watch, listen, and do you research!


Runing with Lynn SHow

Good morring today is another wesday 9 33 in the am.Thumbs to UND for being rated 3rd healthiest college in the country.Movie of the week SAFE, this movie should be action packed. Luke Write a second-rate boxer mess with the Russian Mob, by winning a fight ware he should have taken a dive. People have ben asked me why is the Titanic movie back on the big screen? We ll not only was it a box office smash on its opening weekend but on April 15 1912 is the day the Titanic sunk to the bottom of the ocean takeing 1500 people to an ice cold grave. So if you have some extra time watching this movie on the big screen would be vary cool.

college is just a big party… right?

I’m switching gears today. I know I usually write about food and exercise and health, but I’m feeling adventurous today.

I started college with the goal of simply finding a school that was small enough to not eat me alive. I had a faint clue of what I wanted to go into- something in the teaching field. Math and science are FAR from my favorite things in the world. I can’t walk a straight line without running into something, including “somethings” that aren’t actually in my path. And a part-time job at an elementary school after school program left me knowing that it wouldn’t be in my best interest to be in the company of small children for that long. So that left: English.

I’m sure many of you wonder what life as a secondary education English teaching student is like. So I’ll tell you.

You read. And you write. And you read. And you write. And you read some more. And write some more. And so on.

It got old. I like reading stories about crimes and love and fluffy stuff. Not necessarily different styles of poems and stories that I have to think about for days in order to fully grasp what all the symbolism means. I mean, that’s fine once in awhile- but every day? Oy vey…

So my next thought, per Mom’s suggestion, was to enter Dietetics. I figured that I was an expert on food because I successfully lost and maintained a significant amount of weight. So how hard would this be… right?

When I chose to make this switch, my chemistry professor/academic advisor- who was well aware of my feelings about chemistry- asked if I understood what I was getting myself into. Dietetics leaves you with one credit short of a chemistry minor. ONE CREDIT. That means a LOT of science.
Oh joy.

So I transferred to UND to try my hand at this new challenge, telling myself that when I made it through school I could find a job that only included nutrition education- no research, no science, no clinical stuff. Just the “fun” lesson creation and delivery. HA.
I wish I could say that finding and obtaining your “dream job” was that easy. Especially as your first out-of-college opportunity. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

Anyway… I made it through school… many days were literally taken one hour at a time. From stressful test to stressful assignment, and the studying and lectures that were surely in another language due to the intensity of content. I think about it now and have no clue HOW I made it through. But I did.

I’ve written about this in the past, but in conversation with another recent college grad, this subject came up again. And I want to reiterate.

If you have an opportunity to do some job shadowing or interning or co-oping to really figure out what you’re getting yourself into… DO IT. It took me a year of college before I truly realized what dietetics was all about. And my advisor wasn’t lying when she said science. After all… it’s “the SCIENCE of food.”

I think there are a lot of college grads who wonder what in the heck they’ve gotten themselves into- but after it’s too late. You know, when you’re already tens of thousands of dollars in the hole and within reach of a diploma declaring that you’re somewhat of an expert at something. Too late for switching.

Take college seriously- even before you get there. I worked my butt off and still graduated with a massive debt, all the while wondering why I chose my major. I was lucky to land a job out of college that involved nutrition education, but now I’m happily working in a career COMPLETELY outside of what I went to school for. I still needed that continued education, but I’m doing more “learning on the job” this time around.

The Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals are currently working with the Center for Community Engagement and UND to form more internship and co-op opportunities in the Grand Cities area for those who are interested. Keep your eyes and ears open. These opportunities not only allow you to get a taste of what you might be doing outside of college, but they also help you to form some valuable networking with potential employers.

Do your research. Outside of the classroom, too. And be ready to work.

The C*ck Block

Yep, you read that title right: “The Cock Block”.

Have you ever seen the show Jersey Shore?  Well if you haven,’t, I’ll fill you in.

On the show, you see a group of four guys and four gals who all move into a summer house together.  You follow them along throughout their summer and the majority of what you see is them going out to clubs every night and getting completely smashed.  The guys (and some nights the gals too) look for ladies that are DTF (Down To F…. I’ll let you guess the last word), or girls to bring home and “smush”, their word for have sex with.  There is usually some drama, the occasional fight, and a big of relationship drama that goes along with it.  But all in all, the show does a really good job of making you believe that all these people do is go out, every single night, get drunk and have sex (when in reality there is a lot more to each of their lives than just this).

Here is the kicker, in North Dakota, there is this policy that says if someone has impaired judgment and reasoning, they cannot legally consent to sex.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a gal; if their judgment and reasoning are impaired, they could charge for sexual assault.

So let’s add alcohol.

When we drink, the first thing that happens is alcohol slows down our central nervous system (’cause alcohol is a depressant and that’s what depressants do).  So the central nervous system is the stuff that lets your brain tell the rest of your body what to do.  So it’s telling me to breath right now, for my heart to beat and for my fingers to push down the keys it tells it to.  Once you get to a 0.10 Blood Alcohol Content (so this is when slurred speak starts, balance is a bit off, and you start to get tired and feel less of the buzz) your judgment and reasoning is impaired.  SO, if you like to go out and party looking for someone to have sex with DON’T DO IT IF THEY HAVE SLURRED SPEECH! OR, if YOU, have slurred speech!  If their speech is slurred, their judgment is off and they could later choose to pursue sexual assault charges!

My friends, if you’re gonna go out and drink, go with friends and LOOK OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER!  Here it comes- are you ready for it? COCK BLOCK EACH OTHER! I know I sound ridiculous (who want’s to be cock blocked?) but seriously! If you see your friend hitting on someone who has slurred speech and you know your friend is looking to “get it in”, COCK BLOCK THEM!  Tell ’em, “hey! not tonight!  get their number!  text ’em tomorrow, do it tomorrow once you’re both sober”.  If they’re a good friend, they’ll thank you for it later.


So this whole logo thing is something I heard about before I arrived to UND’s campus three years ago and something I was not looking forward to having to deal with.  Yep, I said dealing with.

The only UND hockey game I have watched is when my dad had the Wisconsin team up here to play.

I haven’t watched any other UND sport.  All of which on purpose.  I don’t want to have anything to do with the logo.


For a long time, I knew that I felt strongly this way, but I have always also understood while those who are from this area and have gone to school at UND have taken so much pride into the name.  UND is not a school of many traditions so when something like a powerful name/logo comes alone, we hold on tightly.

I also believe strongly that all individuals, no matter how similar or vastly different from me they are, deserve to be treated well.  They deserve to be loved, respected and appreciated.  And this too goes for everyone on both sides of this issue (and everyone in between).  So when I watched a co-worker break down in tears after I had watched her experience things that I first thought were much more difficult than this, and share that she truly feared her life and questioned if she should continue her work and education at UND because of the logo “issue”, my eyes and my heart opened a bit wider.

The issue comes up regularly and I see all sorts of things with it.  One thing that is very evident is that you had better be able to defend your standing point.  And, it seems, you must also be willing to ALWAYS explain why you have taken whatever stance you have taken- no matter what it is.

So now we are making those who are oppressed defend themselves and explain why the fact that they are being oppressed is offensive to them.  This outrages me.

I listened to a presentation that the Director and the Assistant Director of the American Indian Student Association gave on this very topic and what I heard and saw are things that I will never forget.

I never realized that Native Americans are the only race that are still used on food products (Land O Lakes), as types of car (Jeep Cherokee) and really the list goes on and on. Why is this?  Why is it okay for us to say that it is not okay to use any other race as products but for this one it is okay?

I knew that the name is discriminatory and it hurts many, but when I thought of going to the stadium and cheering on my team, I envision everyone cheering “GO SIOUX” and struggled to wrap my head around the oppression in that… But when I heard the Director explain that what the other team was saying…”SIOUX SUCK”, I had an “OH DUH!!!” moment.  Never would I want to hear a crowd full of people yell “Blacks suck!” or “Gays suck!” or “Christians suck!” or “Asians Suck!” or “Women suck!” or “Grandma’s suck!”

I am an incredibly visual person and I readily put myself in the shoes of whomever I am thinking about.  So all of a sudden I start thinking about what my response would be if I walked into the bathroom and saw a picture of a cross in the bowl of the toilet for men to pee on… Because they do that with the Sioux logo. Or I think of walking across campus, taking the student I was helping the other day, when all of a sudden I heard a large crowd chant “Blacks Suck!”.  I would stop dead in my tracks.  It wouldn’t matter that they maybe weren’t talking about me or the person standing right next to me.  It would matter because no one deserves to be treated that way.

Before I understood why there was question and debate over the logo.  Now, though, I literally have no clue as to why anyone would want to make others experience that kind of pain.

Money isn’t worth it.

D1 isn’t worth it.

History isn’t worth it.

Nothing is worth it.

Running With Lynn Show

Good morning and welcome back to wednesday with the Running with Lynn Show it’s another wesday 10:06 in the am the weather is looking sunny today with wind. The weekend is looking like a chilly one which makes it a great time to catch a movie. The Movie of the week.

Poster of Lockout
On an orbiting prison 50 miles above the earth where the world’s most dangerous criminals are kept asleep, the prisoners are suddenly awakened, causing a panic. Only a wrongly-convicted government agent can rescue the President’s daughter from the deep space prison riot.
enjoy the movie and the weekend

stop. think.

Today is Easter Sunday.
We celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ died for our sins despite the fact that we’re so far from worthy
… and is RISEN!
It’s an exciting day. Wahoo!
(*does happy dance)

Now, 2011 seemed to be a rough year for so many of my dear friends: miscarriages, sudden loss of family, sickness, failed relationships… I’m not sure if it’s that I’m now old enough to be affected by these things because they are happening to MY friends who are MY age, or if I’m just more sensitive in my “old age.”

So often we take our lives for granted. We put our bodies through hell just to “be someone,” attempting to fit a mold. I know I have. And I give God so much thanks for letting me be foolish without any major repercussions.

Sure, I am a 26-year-old woman with varicose veins worse than my grandma and more loose skin than a woman who had triplets… but I’m healthy. I get to wake up each day and live my “normal” life. I have the opportunity to approach each day with the potential to do some pretty amazing things.

Selfish behaviors and beliefs rob me of opportunities and happiness. God didn’t put me on this Earth to suffer daily; so why would I accept that type of limiting lifestyle without even a little bit of a fight?

In my house we don’t give up when we start something. I’m making an attempt to start getting real. I’m going to be present and rational in my thinking. I’m going to take my health seriously and not for granted. And I’m going to shift the energy that I devote to negative thinking into positive, loving action for others (and future blog posts… because they are so beneficial for me).

Take a deep breath. Then another. And then another.
And with each one, say “Thank You” to our good and faithful God for giving you that chance.
He didn’t have to, you know…

You are young, but you are not invincible.

You are young, but you are not invincible. You are still at risk for skin cancer.

The sun is out and the temperature is heating up. Swimsuit season is nearly here, but that shouldn’t mean we return to last summer’s tanning behaviors. It’s time we take into account the negative effects of sunbathing, tanning beds, and lack of sunscreen. We may be in college, we may be young, but we are susceptible to skin cancer. If you have two minutes today, listen to Natalie’s story ( And take a few minutes every day to be proactive about these preventative measures to cut short the risk of skin cancer.

  1. Avoid tanning and UV tanning booths.
  2. Examine your skin – look head-to-toe every month.
  3. Visit a dermatologist – If you see anything on your skin that lasts for 2 weeks or longer and is growing, changing shape, and/or bleeding or itching, you should see a dermatologist right away for a skin cancer check.
  4. Use Sunscreen.
  5. Don’t burn.
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