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Diabetes Prevention Program

Do you want to increase your physical activity, improve your food choices, and lose 5-7% of your body weight?! If you said YES, be sure to register for the Diabetes Prevention Program!

The results are REAL. A previous participant talks about her experience with the Diabetes Prevention Program…

“As a result of reading the food labels and attempting to eat fewer than 33 fat grams per day, I lost 58 pounds. Because of the weight loss, I am no longer taking pain medication for my knee. In September 2012 my glucose was normal, so I am no longer prediabetic!” – Eileen Tronnes Nelson, UND Staff

Register soon to receive a special incentive of a $125 return from a grant and Work Well for the first 10 UND staff/faculty members who register. The upfront cost is $189, but with the return it was only $64 or $4 per week. PLUS, get your metabolism tested for free as part of the program. The program starts on January 14th, and classes are on Monday from 4:45-5:45 in the UND Wellness Center Room 121. If you are not one of the first 10 people to register, you can join the class for a price of $189.

For more information visit and click on Programs and Diabetes Prevention. To register, contact Molly Soeby at 218.230.0070.

Registration deadline is January 10th!


Healthy Campus Challenge Zumbathon: A Fun Way to Exercise!

Do you wish there was a FUN and CONVENIENT 1194700_breakdancer_vector_4way to exercise that still challenges you?! The Healthy Campus Challenge is put on by the Healthy UND Physcial Activity Subcommittee and will run the entire academic year and is open to all faculty, staff, students, and members of the UND Wellness Center. Registration for each event will occur when the event takes place. At the end of the year, we’ll crown Healthy UND Physical Activity Champions to those that participate and complete the most events.

Challenge #5 is a ZUMBATHON! If you want to get physical and have fun at the same time, be sure to attend the Healthy Campus Challenge #5 at the Wellness Center. The Zumbathon will be held on February 2nd at 2:00 PM in the Group Exercise Room.

For more information contact Steph Hoffman at 701.777.2943 or by email at

A New Year, and a Healthier YOU!

2013 is quickly approaching..1396134_new_year_13.this could mean a new year and a healthier YOU! The UND Wellness Center is holding a promotion for 20% off semester and annual memberships.

Payroll deduction is an option for payment for faculty or staff. BCBSND members that have the Health Club Credit benefit can also receive $20 back per month by exercising a minimum of 12 times for that month.

But hurry fast!…the deadline to purchase is JANUARY 31st! For more information please see the Welcome Desk, visit, or contact Deb Kolling at 701.777.0486.

Redeem your Healthy Blue points by Dec. 31st!

Staff, faculty and spouses:

Please don’t forget to REDEEM your HealthyBlue points by December 31st, 2012.  It is a use-it-or-lose-it system.  NO POINTS WILL ROLL OVER IN 2013.   If you have questions, please contact Tara Roberts, the NDPERS/BCBSND liaison at: 701-277-2852 or

Maintain, Don’t Gain this holiday season!

Maintain Don’t Gain this holiday season!

Healthy UND Challenge

Healthy UND Challenge

Most Americans gain around a pound of weight every year during the holidays, which doesn’t seem like much, but studies show that the one pound gained during this time of year isn’t lost throughout the rest of the year.  Overtime, the yearly one pound addition to body weight can have some serious effects on our health- hypertension, diabetes, etc.  Maintain Don’t Gain is an awareness project, hopefully getting people to think about the decisions they make during this time of year, specifically about what they eat and their activity levels.  It’s easier to prevent weight gain than it is to lose the pounds later.

No Wellness Center-No Problem

Exercise should still be considered a priority.  Not only is it important to maintain activity levels but it can also help deal with any stress that goes along with the holidays.  If you keep active over the break it will be easier to get back into your normal routine once you return.

Shoveling snow, outdoor winter activities, indoor body weight workouts

Winter Running/Walking Tips:

  1. Wear multiple layers, with the first layer being a synthetic material, such as polypropylene, which will helps wick away sweat/moisture.  Stay away from cotton because it holds in moisture and will keep you wet.
  2. Protect your hands and feet with gloves and thick socks.
  3. Cover your head.  About 40% of your body heat is lost from your head, and wearing a hat will help prevent heat loss so your circulatory system will have more heat to distribute to the rest of the body.
  4. Start your run into the wind, than it will be at your back at the end of the workout, when you’re sweaty.
  5.  If the temperature is at or below zero, stick with an indoor activity.


Holiday Meal Time

Think small.  Enjoy the food, but keep the portions under control.

Take breaks.  Try not to rush through your whole plate of food, so you can better gauge when you’re full.  It can take up to 20 minutes for your stomach to signal the brain that it’s full.

Be mindful of alcohol intake.  Alcohol contains useless calories that change your blood sugar levels and, in the short term, can increase hunger levels and cause unnecessary snacking.

Why It’s Important to Track Your Activities                        

Keeps you honest.

You can see results and progress-good and bad.

Keep track of activities you enjoy or don’t enjoy.

To get registered for the challenge – head to the Healthy UND webpage , stop by the Fitness Desk at the Wellness Center or the Healthy & Wellness Hub in the Union!  Stay on track this holiday season!

It’s time.

You did it.

You attended class. You took notes and studied them ruthlessly. You took exams and quizzes and filled out paper.after.paper.after.multiple.choice.question.
The time has come for you to walk across the stage, accept your diploma, and figure out what in HECK you are supposed to do now.

So… do you have it figured out?

Relax. I didn’t either.

When I graduated, I told my parents I wasn’t ready to “be an adult” yet. I wanted one more summer of fun, so I lightly looked for a job while working at a restaurant to pay the bills. I was “free” until my student loan payments kicked in 6 months later.

A REALLY attractive job opportunity appeared before I graduated, and I felt that there was no harm in applying. The problem came when they wanted an in person interview… and then offered my the position. It wasn’t even June, and my “plan to stay young” was completely FOILED!

Well… not quite. Luckily, I was able to negotiate a period of time before I started.

There’s never a “right time” to start looking, start applying, or start adulthood. You just have to jump at what speaks to you and allow yourself opportunities to succeed!

Now, what are you waiting for?


Congratulations to the 2012 Row-vember Winners!

Can you imagine rowing 1,083,868 meters? This is how far the 2012 competitors rowed in the Row-vember competition. There were 15 competitors and the winners were Sean Cooley with 233,230 meters and Jessy Bruns with 128,687 meters.

Row-vember 2012 001

Now imagine this … rowing to the University of Minnesota and rowing back plus extra! … maybe we played some hockey too (NHL players actually skate up to 4.7 miles per game). That’s approximately 674 miles!

Congratulations to Sean and Jessy, as well as the other 2012 Row-vember competitors!!!

Don’t Forget to Sign up for Spring 2013 Intramurals!!!

MD1-Those GuysCan you believe it’s already almost January?! This means the Intramurals registration dates are quickly approaching. Joining the UND Intramu­ral Program is a good way to let off steam. From volleyball to dodgeball, RecSports offers a wide variety of activities in all levels of intensity. Whether you are a casual player aiming to have fun, or a fierce competitor with a viselike half-nelson, there is something for everyone.

You can also sign up for CHOICES to qualify for a rebate on your registration fees. For information regarding dates and registration, scheduling and rosters, the intramural handbook, and officiating opportunities, go to:

UND Fall 2012 Intramural Champions

Here is a look at all the UND Intramural Champions for Fall 2012.  Congratulations to all participants on a great season!

#SquirrelSwag-Women VB

Women Volleyball Champion – #SquirrelSwag


CoRec D1 Volleyball Champion – Merica

CoRec D2 Volleyball – A-Town Brown


Men Volleyball Champion – Italia


Inline Hockey Champion – GForks2

CR-Real United

CoRec Indoor Soccer Champion – Real United

M-FC Broiler

Men Indoor Soccer Champion – FC Broiler

MD1-Those Guys

Men D1 Basketball Champion – Those Guys

MD2-Team #4

Men D2 Basketball Champion – Team #4

W-Block Party

Women Basketball Champion – Block Party

CR-Block Party

CoRec Basketball Champion – Block Party

Second Best

Flag Football Champion – Second Best

Zen Masters

Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Champion – Zen Masters

Don’t Forget to Bring Back Your Skis and Skates for Ski UND/Late Night Skate!!!

IMG_9279Don’t forget to bring back your skis and skates from Christmas break! Every year the University of North Dakota holds the Ski UND/Late Night Skate program for students, faculty, and staff throughout the campus. The two events are approaching fast, beginning in January.

Ski UND kicks off Tuesday, January 8th and is open during Wellness Center building hours until Spring Break (or when the snow melts). Late Night Skate will also start in January and will go every weekend until Spring Break (or when the ice melts). There will also be a 4v4 Pond Hockey Tournament taking place on January 25th and 26th (tentative). Any UND student, faculty, or staff can sign up for the tournament, but there will be a maximum of 16 teams.

Most importantly, don’t forget your gear! This is a good time to remind everyone going home for the holidays to bring their skis and skates back to UND before the spring semester begins again in early January.

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