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Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND looking like another nice day a high of 75 very sunny. The movie of the week. [Despicable Me 2] The return of Gru, the girls, the unpredictably hilarious minions… and a host of new and outrageously funny characters. This movie will be fun and funny for the whole family. I have a message for all you long distance runners out there.  A buddy of mine and his friends run for miles and in between make pit stops one day an officer pulled him over said (sir do you have any idea how fast you were running?) have a nice day everybody!


Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND looking like another nice day today a high of 80 a low of 56. School is starting soon the big break is coming to an end, but it doesn’t have to end.  catch a movie before summer is over.  the movies you must see before the end of freedom are, drum roll please ***** [ The Wolverine] an action packed movie for all you muscle heads out there (starts July 26).  [R.I.P.D] an action packed cop thriller on the big screen (July 19).  [Pacific Rim] A blockbuster movie you must see on the at the River Cinema.  [Two Guns] “bad boys what you gunna do when they come for you” (aug 2).  and lets not for get the kids [The Smurfs 2] yes those little blue men are back on the red carpet. have a good day everybody.

Have you ever wondered what a Sponsored Wellness Center Membership is?


Did you know that you can sponsor individuals for a membership at the UND Wellness Center?  Yep! You can sponsor ANYONE over 18 years of age!  It could be your best friend, a family member, your neighbor…anyone!  Come in with them for their first visit and we will get them signed up.  When it is time for them to renew or purchase a new membership the sponsor does not need to be present!



Sponsored Pricing:


·         Day: $5


·         Month: $45


·         Semester: $198


·         Annual: $480


Don’t forget about the Health Club Credit Program! If the person you sponsor has eligibility for the Health Club Credit Program through BCBSND or BCBSMN they can enroll for the program online and get a $20 reimbursement if they workout 12 or more times within a month!

Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND looking like another great day today a high of 67 very sunny. This show goes out to a super lady it is her last day at the Wellness Center she got me started with the Running with Lynn Show.  Erin Dickson this one’s for you.  The movie of the week for the second week in a row making Running with Lynn Show history [The Loan Ranger] Bang Bang shout him up! An excellent movie on the big screen. Johnny Depp gives an excellent performance, the old west is a sight to see on the big screen, and action packed.
On Monday morning I Met up with a friend, He looked down I said everything all right? He says Lynn as anyone ever asked you if you have a case of the Mondays? I said no,  I figure if you say something like that you get your butt kicked.
Have a good day every body!

Stay on Track over July 4th

Vacations involve relaxing and enjoying yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your health and fitness. People often have trouble sticking to their diet or exercise routine over the holidays, but there are ways to avoid this. Here are some steps to stay on track over July 4th:

  1. Drink water—being outside for the majority of the day can dehydrate you, avoid pops and other drinks and stick to drinking water for less calories and more hydration.
  2. Grill Buster—the summer holidays would not be complete without the grill, but be careful of what you choose to grill. Avoid eating brats and hot dogs, and stick to lean ground beef hamburgers or grilled chicken breast on whole wheat buns or go bunless!
  3. Skip the chips—instead of chips have cut up veggies as a side with hummus
  4. Fruit for dessert—have cut up fruit for dessert and skip the cookies and cake (you will probably have a late night S’more for your chocolate fix—but limit it to one)
  5. Small Plates—serving food on smaller plates will make people take less food to start off with.
  6. Bring tennis shoes—if you don’t bring tennis shoes you are less likely to stay active.
  7. Keep Moving—go for a bike ride, go swimming, go on a hike, tubing, kayaking, water-skiing, bring a Frisbee, football or soccer ball.

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your vacation and stay on track with your diet and fitness.

bike ride








This blog post was written by Annie Marhula, dietetic student.

Running with Lynn Show

Good Day UND! It’s good to be back, went home for a week had a good time. I hope everyone has been enjoying the nice weather. I say get out of the heat and take in a good movie the movie of the week [drum roll please]****** The Lone Ranger. Yes the old west is back on the big screen. The masked hero and his side kick Tonto are back bring justice to the people.  A movie you have to see on the big screen. [I get a call this weekend from a tele-marketer. I say gee I’m kind of busy now why don’t you give me your home number and I’ll call you back. He says we can’t do that I say because you don’t want people calling you at home he says (no) I say well now you know how I feel! [hang up]]
Have a nice day every one!

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