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let’s face it, there are certain topics that are awkward to bring up…questions we always wonder about but are too embarrassed to ask… and, well, the list goes on. SEX is usually high on that list of awkward things we wonder about but may not actually ask anyone the questions we have.

so here’s what’s up, tonight (Wednesday, September 26th) there is this SEX IN THE DARK program happening at 7PM. It’s in the Memorial Union, in the RiverValley room (second floor) and anyone can come.

the lights will be off, you can ask any sexual or relationship health question you want, and experts will answer it. yep, they can’t see who asked the question. OR, if you don’t want to shout out questions like “what are dental dams used for?” “are there risks with anal sex?” or “how do I tell my partner that I want to try something new?”, there will be slips of paper that you can write your questions down on and we’ll answer them that way.

so who are these experts, you may be wondering? we have a Doctor and a Nurse Practitioner (one is a gal and one is a guy so we have someone who can speak from those two perspectives) from Student Health Services to answer these questions.

no, we’re not asking you to go out and have sex, we’re just here to answer any questions that you have (whether you’re sexually active or not). all in all, we wanna make sure that you know how to reduce the harms that can come with not taking sex seriously- even if sex for you is years from now.

see you tonight!!



Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND, it’s looking like another nice day today very sunny and chilly a high of 50. This weekend is going to be a heat wave, a high of 80, holy cow!  If you’re looking for some excitement make sure to catch the UND football game Saturday at 6 00. The movie of the month Looper, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon- Levitt stars  in an action packed movie, time travel, hit men and the mob, lots of special effects make this movie a must see on the big screen.

weight training 101

the wellness center is offering a sweet new deal for members! The wellness center is promoting a FREE NEW class called Weight Training 101. It will offer 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks to learn how to use various weight equipment and to learn basic weight lifting techniques…so if you are intimidated by the weight floor, this class could be perfect to build that needed confidence! It’s easy, just sign up at the fitness desk in the weight floor area of the Wellness Center. Classes run from October 3rd through November 7th at 7:00 pm. But hurry up, there are only 14 slots available!!! Click on the image for more details!

the rockwall at the wellness center

As a student, it’s only natural to come to the Wellness Center to get my daily workout in, but I’ve been getting so tired of the same old treadmill, bike, and free weights routine. Not only does my same routine get boring, but I begin to plateau. What’s a better way to mix it up, have fun, and keep my muscles guessing by trying out the Rock Wall at the Wellness. Climbing is a great workout that challenges you mentally and physically. Climbing lets you work at gaining muscles in specific areas such as your forearms, arms, and shoulders.

Checkout the UND Wellness Center website for more info on rates and hours. If you’re new to climbing, don’t worry! The staff will hook you up with all the equipment and training you’ll need…and it’s a blast! So go check it out and switch up that same old boring workout, you won’t regret it!

Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND, it’s looking like another nice day today sunny, chilly. The mornings are getting darker and colder so don’t forget to buy those hats, gloves, and boots. Thumbs up to the football team they gave San Diego State a real run for their money. I went to the movies last night and saw Lawless. A good movie I say totally worth seeing on the big screen. The story takes place in the 1930s three brothers bootlegging moonshine trying to make the big time. The movie is a must see on the big screen because of the hot cars, tommygunes, 1930s countryland, and a good story.

The movie of the week Judge Dredd, a classic comic book movie in the big screen,  makes it a fun one to see. have a good day everybody

Participate in the Green Gallop Homecoming Run!


The Green Gallop Homecoming Run is a great way to show your UND Pride and help support the UND Wellness Center’s Student Development Fund.  Participants can choose between a 5K, 10K, or a 1.5 Mile Family Fun Run/Walk.  The course begins at the Wellness Center, runs along the English Coulee, past campus, and past the Ralph Engelstad Arena.  Prizes will be awarded for the “greenest” or “most spirited” costumes. Participants receive a Green Gallop t-shirt if registered by Friday, September 28th.

Race Details:

When: Sunday, October 14th
Where: The run starts and ends at the UND Wellness Center.
Time: The run starts at 9:30am.
Register online now at:

For more information about the run, please visit the UND Wellness Center’s website at or contact Patrick Marcoe at


Not interested in running?  Need volunteer hours?  Come be a volunteer for the Green Gallop Homecoming Run!

Volunteer Details:

When: Sunday, October 14th
Where: The run starts and ends at the UND Wellness Center.
Time: Volunteers need to be at the UND Wellness Center at 7:00am on the morning of the run (10/14/12) and would be done around 12:30pm.
Each volunteer receives a free Green Gallop t-shirt!

If you are interested in helping out or want more information about volunteering for the run, please contact Brian Marti at

Do you like vegetables and love to party?

Just your luck!

Amazing Grains will be hosting a gathering on SaturdaySeptember 15th to celebrate another successful harvest! Their co-op community garden has been increasing the availability of fresh vegetables and herbs to the Greater Grand Forks area for the past three summers. This Saturday there will be freshly harvested grilled garden veggie kabobs and locally raised grilled chicken among other things to eat. There will also be fun for children and adults consisting of live music by The Hasties and a scavenger hunt for the kids. The party will be held at 405 S. 4th St at 3 pm on Saturday.The cost is $3 for co-op members and $5 for non-members.

We hope to see you there!

Want free vegetables, herbs and flowers? Volunteering for one hour earns you one “Veggie Buck” card, which are redeemed for one Veggie Haul.  Harvest changes every week, so check the website for each week’s Veggie Haul.

Find out more about Amazing Grains Co-Op Community Garden at: or


Happy Harvesting!

Home Food Safety- it’s no joke!

Many times when you think of food safety you think about washing your hands before preparing your meal, cooking your meat to the proper internal temperature, and making sure your raw meat doesn’t come in contact with your fresh fruits and vegetables.  But have you ever thought about food safety AFTER you have prepared your meal?

Making meals ahead is a great way to save money and time. However, it’s important to always follow the proper food safety guidelines to avoid getting food poisoning from your leftovers.

Here are some tips to keep your food safe:

  • Keep your refrigerator set to 40°F or below.
  • Make sure you refrigerate leftovers within two hours, or one hour if food sets in over 90°F weather (like an outdoor family picnic). If food has been sitting at room temperature for more than two hours, toss it!
  • Use a food thermometer to make sure leftovers are reheated to 165°F. This goes for microwaved leftovers, too.
  • You can’t rely on sight and smell alone to know if leftovers are spoiled. Place an “eat-by-date” label on leftovers or write the date of purchase on your take-out-container to remember when to discard leftovers before they perish. (Masking tape and a permanent marker will do!)


Nothing is worse than opening up a leftover container of your favorite meal to find a not-so-pleasant smell coming from it.  It’s enough to ruin that meal and your appetite!  Always remember this phrase: “when in doubt, throw it out!”

Here’s a great resource of how long to keep items in your fridge or freezer: Home Food Safety


Information provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and

Hand Check!!!

Don’t Drive Distracted. Everyone has heard these words at one time or another but what is distracted driving? Now be honest and ask yourself: “Where are your hands while you are driving?”

1) Texting

2) Checking your twitter

3) Eating a Jimmy John’s #5

4) Brushing your untamed hair

5) Talking to your friend in the passenger seat about the football game next weekend

6) Reading your study guide on your way to class

7) Trying to find the Wellness Center on your GPS

8) Watching that really funny cat video your friend told you about

9) Changing your Ipod to the newest Nikki Minaj song

10) TEXTING!!!

Distracted driving is any activity that could take your attention away from your #1 task at hand…driving. Texting is the number one distractor because it requires manual, visual and cognitive attention.

When you drive and use a cell phone that reduces your brain activity associated with driving by 37% as stated on the Official U.S. Government Website for Distracted Driving.

Grand Forks recognized that distracted driving is dangerous and needs to be addressed on a legal standpoint. Thus, on August 1st, 2011, the law prohibiting text messages went into effect. You might want to know that a ticket for texting and driving can run you at the least $100. This also included a teen safety law that prohibits drivers that are 18 years old and under from using any electronic communication including cell phones.

Distracted driving doesn’t just cost you money but can cost you your life. There are countless stories about people’s lives who have been forever changed because of texting while driving.  Last December, a UND student from the college of Nursing died because she was texting and driving.  So think twice when you take your hands off the wheel when you are driving not to add to the sad stories on distracting driving posted on

Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND, it’s looking like another nice day today windy a high of 70. I hope everyone made it to the football game it was a great game action packed to they end, UND with a great win. The movie of the week Premium Rush, this thriller movie will be an excellent movie to watch on the big screen, totally fast bike action on the big screen, Dodging speeding cars, open doors and eight million pedestrians. Now its time for what really grinds my gears, you know what really grinds my gears last week a friend and I are driving down town, we stop and let a biker pass and she doesn’t wave. We took the time to stop, I want a thank you wave. and that’s what really grinds my gears.

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