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Interfaith Week at the University of North Dakota

Thursday, February 28th:

Lunch with a Muslim: 12:00 pm (Noon) – International Centre

Sit down for a wonderful table conversation with a Muslim student.
Enjoy informal conversations and great food!

Buddhism 101 “Do you want to get enlightened?”: 6:00 – 7:00 pm – Hopper Danley Memorial Chapel

A phenomenal talk about Buddhism given by Patrick Anderson. This will be followed by Q&A. Please feel free to come with questions!

Building a Better Society 6:00 pm – International Centre

We will be examining writings from the world’s major religions on a different topic each week. We look for similarities among the world’s religions and discuss how we can apply to our daily lives what we learn each week.
This event is sponsored by the Grand Forks Baha’i.

Native American Spirituality: 7:15 – 8:30 pm – Hopper Danley Memorial Chapel

A local Native American Spiritual Leader, Allan Demaray, will be present to share information about traditional Native American spirituality and answer any questions that you may have.


Interfaith Week at the University of North Dakota

Wednesday, February 27th:

Soup & Share: 12:00 pm (Noon) – Christus Rex

Can we really love God without loving others?
Join us for soup and conversation.

Interfaith Fair at the Wellness Expo: 12:00 pm (Noon) – 5:00 pm – Wellness Center

An exciting expo open to all UND students. This is an opportunity to learn first-hand the correlation between wellness and academic success. Students will experience the 7 dimensions of wellness by visiting the exhibitors, participating in activities promoting wellness, and learning how wellness can have a positive influence on their lives.
Join us in the Spiritual Wellness section!!

Prayers in the Desert: 6:00 pm – Christus Rex

A thirty minute service of meditation and prayer.

Christian Rap and Rock Infinite Faith Music Challenge 7:30 pm – Memorial Union Loading Dock

A unique concert and singing competition. In honor of  Interfaith Week and Black History Month.
Featured Performers: Carlos Williams of Sonrize – a Christian rapper, One Ten Ride – Christian Rock, and Josh Tuinder – Indie Christian Rock as seen at the Ember. Also featuring YOU as a singing competitor!
Call Multicultural Student Services (MSS) at 701-777-4259 to register.


Dimension: Environmental
Activity: Recycle
Sunday, February 17th

For this activity the we had to keep track of bottle tops from plastic bottle tops we had used and recycled, to seehow many bottles were being saved from the land fill. This event was kindof difficult for me because I just use a Camelbak water bottle all the time and I don’t drink pop or much of anything but water. However, it worked out that my boyfriend was visiting me the weekend of this event and he is a big gatorade drinker, so I made sure he recycled his bottles and I stole his tops. I am really happy that they had this as an event because I am a strong believer in recycling. It irritates me everytime when I see people throwing a large stack of paper away when the recycling can is right next to the garbage can. It also irritates me when people don’t use both sides of a paper, for example when people print. I wish people would realize that they could save so many pieces of paper if they printed on both sides. When I tell people they should I always get the same excuse that they don’t know how. I think that something our University could do to change this matter is by placing by each computer in the library and the Union an instruction sheet of how to print on both sides. I come from a very small town and we don’t even have recycling, but I still make family recycle. For us to do this we have to drive it about an hour away to a city where they have a recycling plant. As far as plastic goes, it scares me that throughout the world we approximately throw away 1500 bottles every second. These plastic bottles take 700 years just to start decomposing and up to 1000 years to fully decompose. At what point are we not going to have any room for all of our waste? I am happy that the University has a pretty strong recycling program, so I hope that students take advantage of that.

recycling bottle tops!

Dimension: Environmental

Activity: Save plastic bottle tops to keep track of how many bottles are saved from the landfill.

Activity Calendar Date: February 17

I collected plastic bottle tops for a couple of weeks to complete this wellness dimension. I do not drink much pop, and I rarely have bottled pop. Also, I take advantage of the filtered water fountains around campus to keep my water bottle full. Therefore, my bottle tops came mainly from my empty milk jugs and bottle caps that I removed from plastic bottles in recycle containers on campus. I brought in a couple dozen caps to the Wellness Hub.

Completing the environmental dimension completed my Pursuit of Wellness Challenge. Completing each activity and reflecting on each activity in this blog have helped me to think more critically about each area of wellness as it applies to my life and to the community around me.


Dimension: Physical
Activity: Workout
Monday, February 18th

This activity was normally supposed to be completed on President’s Day, the day there was no class, but even if we would have had class it would have been cancelled. This was the day of one of the huge storms we have had in ND, but that wasn’t about to stop me from working out; however, the Wellness Center had to close. Since the Wellness Center was closed, I was able to complete this challenge the next day. I normally lift weights with a friend every morning at about 6:45am, but that day I told her that we were going to use the new Circuit Deck instead. Neither of us had used the Circuit Deck yet so we were really curious about it. Early in the morning is a great time to work out, I recommend it because no one is there. My friend and I had the Circuit deck completely to ourselves, so that was really nice. I have only done an ab circuit once before when I worked out with a friend at Planet Fitness, but I have never done a full body circuit like this one. I definitely liked it alot because it kept you moving. One of my biggest problems is that I take too long of a time resting between different exercises and then I end up spending too long of a time at the gym. Sometimes I have to skip some of the exercises I want to do just because I don’t have enough time. The new Circuit Deck gets rid of the problem with the timer it has. I also like this new Circuit Deck because it gives people a different place to do weights, but in a more secluded area.

Interfaith Week at the University of North Dakota

Tuesday, February 26th:

Discovering My Spiritual DNA: 12:00 pm (Noon) – 1:00 pm – Memorial Union Lecture Bowl

Learn how God has engineered each of us for success and victory in life.
This session will be led by Bob Bartlett.

An Evil Little Story 5:00 – 6:30 pm – Memorial Union Lecture Bowl

Atheist activist, Jessica Ahlquist, shares her story of standing up for the separation of church and state in a Rhode Island high school. Jessica will elaborate on the topic of secularism, the national outcry and support she received as an atheist student, and how separation of church and state support building bridges across diverse worldviews.
This event is sponsored by UND Freethinkers.

Submerge: 7:00 pm – Hopper Danley Memorial Chapel

Join us for a time of worship and praise with the Submerge worship team leading the evening in contemporary Christian music.

Interfaith Week at the University of North Dakota

Monday, February 25th:

One God, One Common Faith: Noon – 1:00 pm – Memorial Union Lecture Bowl

Find out how all the world’s major religions are in reality the same religion. The spiritual teachings are the same but evolving and the social teaching and laws are based on the time when they were revealed.

Meditation Basics: 5:30 – 6:30 pm – Lotus Meditation Center

Experience the Vipassana traditions of meditation, such as sitting, eating, & walking meditations. This session will be led by Janet Rex of the Lotus Meditation Center.

Wiccan Spirituality & Esbat Ceremony: 7:00 – 8:00 pm – Lotus Meditation Center

A local Wiccan minister, Chassidy Strege, will be sharing information about Wicca – a modern, nature-based spiritual tradition. Questions and dialogue are expected and welcomed. This discussion will be followed by a brief Esbat (Full Moon) ceremony for those who are interested in participating.

Starting Your Financial Plan

Whether this is your first year in college and you’re finding yourself in charge of your money for the first time, or you’ve been independent for a couple years and feel that you have lost control of your finances, you might feel that it is time to start a budget. What most people don’t realize until they attempt to create a budget is that they really don’t know how much they are spending to begin with, and without an accurate account of your spending, you can’t create a manageable budget. The following information explains how to track your spending so that you can start a budget and be on your way to financial independence.

Why should you track your spending?

You need it to start a budget. In order to create a practical budget, you must have a clear picture of how much you spend so that you can properly allocate your money. For example, If you don’t know how much you spend on food each month, you won’t know how to complete the grocery or eating out section of your budget. Tracking your spending gives you an accurate picture of where your money goes and gives you the information you need to create a budget.

It shows you where you can make cuts. When you look at how much you are really spending each month on things like eating out, entertainment, or other less tangible expenditures, you may realize where your money is really going. Having all of your expenditures laid out in front of you in an organized manner makes it easy to see where you can cut down your spending. The money you save can then go towards paying off bills, starting a savings account, investments, or maybe even something big for yourself like a car or a vacation.

How do you track your spending?

There are three ways to monitor your spending to see where your money goes: Credit/debit card transactions, keeping receipts, and writing down any other purchases.

Credit and Debit Cards. You can look at this kind of activity either on monthly statements, or if you have online banking (you can usually set this up with your particular bank/credit card), you can look at ongoing activity online at any time.

Receipts. The easiest way to keep track of most cash transactions is by keeping all receipts. Keep an envelope in your car to put receipts initially, and then every few days add those to an envelope or other safe spot at home. Avoid storing them in your wallet- where they become bulky and are easily lost or damaged.

Other Purchases. Any purchases made with cash that may not come with a receipt (i.e. cash tips, vending machines, bars) should be written down elsewhere. You can keep a small notepad with you at all times, text yourself and write them down later, or even keep track of them on a notepad app on your cellphone. These transactions are the easiest to forget and sometimes they are the missing piece to figuring out where your money is going.

Helpful Tips

Be diligent. Think about how many times a day you spend money. Whether it be paying rent or buying a candy bar, it’s one more expense to keep track of. The job is ongoing, and sometimes gets difficult to remember, but it is possible if you get into the habit and make it a part of your daily money practice.

Choose a deadline. It’s important to track your spending for a time period that both accurately represents your typical spending and can be easily translated to reflect yearly spending so that you can easily fill out a budget sheet. Most budget sheets have monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly components, so most people choose to track their spending for one month, which can easily be converted into this type of budget.

Complete before and after budgets. Filling out a budget both before and after tracking your spending for a set period of time creates the opportunity to compare what you think you spend and what you’re actually spending. This can be a huge revelation for some people, both showing where they spend much more or less than they thought, but also showing people how accurately they perceive their own spending. With this information, you can both create a better new budget, and do a better job of sticking to it.

What Now?

Once you’ve successfully monitored your spending for a period of time, you can use the information to create a budget or make a financial plan. This is a great time to come into UND Financial Wellness Services for a one on one session with a peer educator. It is a good idea to have another person to help you at this time, both to have a second opinion and to check for any errors in calculations. Our peer educators are trained not only in creating financial plans but also some components of the budget such as credit, student loans, and savings. With their help you can make an accurate, manageable budget that can help you spend your money wisely, while both paying ongoing bills or debts you may owe, and maybe putting money aside for savings or even something nice for yourself!

To make an appointment with us go to

Running Withh Lynn Show

Good morning UND sunny day today. The movie of the week [A good Day To Die Hared} John Mclane is back on the big screen lots of action and booms. I had to go shopping last night tell you the truth I am a little afraid of going to the grocery store by myself, for starters I always seem to grab that cart, you know the one with bad wheel, someone alway beats me to the last can of peaches, I stand in line forever, I am finally next and there is that little old lady with a cart full that wants to pay in change.OWWW! Have a good day everyone!

Recycling at UND

Activity: Recycle Today!  Keep track of the plastic bottle tops to see how many bottles were saved from the land fill! (Bring Bottle tops into HUB)

Sunday, February 17th

Even though this event was on Sunday, the Health & Wellness HUB in the union is only open weekdays 8am-4:30pm at Memorial Union. To receive the WOW you had to bring in bottle tops of bottles you recycled.  Since I use a water bottle I brought in bottle tops that weren’t as healthy as I would like (coca cola) that I have from time to time especially during busy exam weeks.  I really do enjoy how much the university has recycling containers, especially the big one they have outside of my apartment.  This really encourages me to recycle as it’s so much easier than how it was in Wyoming by having to separate everything out and break everything down.  It was also pretty cool to check out the H&W HUB as I am a physical therapy student and it’s nice to know there are additional health related resources.

DONE WITH 7 EVENTS!  I definitely want to check out meditation next week as I’m sure I’ll need a chance to clear my mind since I have quite a few exams.

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