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Weed & Academics

“Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction”

-Bob Marley.

Smoking weed is a source of stress-relief for some people. Some of us may even have friends who get high off of weed. Marijuana is said to be better for the body and safer to use than alcohol; however, thiMJs is not always true and does not change the fact that it is illegal and can be detrimental to our academic success. Even though college is a time of high stress, students should not turn to weed to relieve their stress; it will only hurt their grades and then potentially harm their future goals and dreams.

There have been plenty of studies and surveys looking at the relationship between smoking weed and how well students are doing in school. One survey, in particular, is taken every two years and is done by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The most recent CDC results show substantial evidence that students who smoke weed get much lower grades than those who do not. Not only do poor grades interfere with your future, but getting caught with the illegal drug interferes even more, including the possibility of losing your financial aid.

I once heard a story about a house of boys that were living what they considered to be the “typical” college life style. They had the fun party house that everyone went to on the weekends. One weekend, however, the cops busted them while they were going to get weed out of the trunk of their vehicle. They got in big trouble and some of them had to spend the night in jail. One of the boys ended up dropping out of school. As you can see, they thought they were just having a good time but ended up jeopardizing their future. It can be hard to find a healthy balance between fun and academics, but I encourage everyone, especially students, to always keep your goals and future dreams in mind when making these types of decisions.


As I sit here…

As I sit here, just a few short weeks (or less) from meeting our newest family member…

I think about the moment that I found out you were on your way. And the moment I told your dad- which ended up completely different from the fun way I had planned. And seeing you for the first time, our little Kidney Bean- that moment when it all hit me that we created you and you were on your way. That incredibly surreal moment that I realized a life was inside of me.

I think about the time- the moment– that you will decide that you’re on your way and wonder: when, how, where?! Oh what I would give to have a clue.

I think about the pain I could potentially experience during childbirth and hope upon hope that there are drugs strong enough to make it (and me) bearable.

I think about the blogs that I’ve read too many of, the ones that give way too much information about everything from child birth, to your body after baby, to the first few weeks. I think about the times your dad has threatened to shut down the internet for my sanity.

I think about all of the childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting books I haven’t read that would (perhaps) prepare me for you. They’ll probably continue to collect dust on the end table and I’ll continue to struggle with the guilt of all the things “I don’t know because I haven’t read.” And yet, I’ve never been one to fit the mold. So… we’ll just write our own story, OK?

I think about the food I’ve eaten in the past few months- including the occasional (hehehe) treats- and hope that I didn’t do any damage. That I did enough good. I also wonder if you’re going to come out orange because of all of the carrots and pizza sauce you beg for each day.

I think about the cleaning that should probably take place before you come. And the never-ending messes that may  will overtake our house when you’re here. (We prefer to live in our house, kiddo- it’s no museum. I’m glad you come with low expectations, because right now Mom’s tired.)

I think about all of the pictures we have sitting on the floor instead of hanging on the walls. And the boxes of crap we’ve been meaning to go through to make room for you. I take comfort in knowing you start so small.

I think about all of the stuff we still “need” to somehow acquire before you come. You know, from all of the lists and books and advice we’ve been given. I mean seriously- how did people do it 50 years ago without all of this stuff?! (wink, wink)

I think about all of the things at work that still need to be figured out before I leave to care for you. And then I think about going back, already laden with guilt, wondering if I’ll ever be able to fairly balance it all.

I think about my clothes and wonder if they’ll seriously fit in a few more weeks. The rotation of “that still fits” is getting smaller and smaller.

I think about how much I dread the sleep that never seems to come easy or often enough. I lay down and everything races from my head to my toes. (I’m looking forward to your company!) And then I wonder how much sleep you’ll let me have when you get here and hope I somehow develop the ability to nap.

I think about the amount of love I already feel, knowing it’ll only get stronger- I mean, can a heart burst from this?

And as I sit here and type these thoughts, you keep kicking me in the ribs, jolting me back into reality. I know you love me. And you’re coming soon- ready or not!


I think about you as you grow older…

I hope you love people. That you aren’t so “hard” with your love. That you really care about people and are a kind soul. This world needs more love.

I hope you have a better sense of direction than me. It will make your life so.much.easier.

I hope you see beauty and entertainment in the little and simple things in your life.  That you can entertain yourself and embrace your imagination and creativity.

I hope you remember that I’m on your team, not here to ruin your life. It takes most girls a long time to figure that out- me included.

I hope you’re able to make decisions that you will look back on and be proud of.

I hope you know that you’ll have to work hard to get things in life. Some people are lucky, but most are just not afraid to roll up their sleeves and dig in. The work is worth it.

I hope you surround yourself with people who truly and genuinely love you, who support you, who encourage you, and who lift you up. They’re out there, little one. Find them and love them back.

I hope you’re braver than I am. Your dad has broken my shell more times than I can count, and I’ve realized it can be fun to try new things (sometimes). Take some chances. And remember that it’s not the end of the world if you fail.

I hope you live a long, fulfilled life.

I hope you’re less of a spaz than your mom. Learn to take deep breaths and think about things before you let your knee-jerk reaction come out.

I hope you love to laugh. Especially at me.

I hope you see beyond the hype to be the skinniest and prettiest person in the world. Do your best to take care of the beautiful body you have and focus on the things that truly matter- like your heart.

I hope you remember that you’re just as human as the person next to her. And that we all screw up. Forgive people, but do not let people walk on you. Which also leads me to…

I hope you know the power of saying that you are sorry for something and meaning it. To sensitive people like your mom, “I’m Sorry” is a game changer.

I hope you realize how cool old people are. Get to know them and learn from them. Help them. It’s time spent that you’ll never regret.

I hope you make a difference. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the life of one person or a billion people. I want you to know that you have that kind of power.

And… I really hope you want me to wear matching tutus to the grocery store with you.


Seriously- Life is crazy.

In just a few short days, our whole world will be flipped upside-down. Everyone says, “it’s the hardest job you’ll ever love.” They tell us that we’ll get through it, a day- or perhaps just an hour– at a time. The truth is, every life is different and no one really ever knows. For now, Little One, keep growing and kicking and moving and I will do my best to keep feeding you Oreos and Spaghettios and frosting and peanut butter and all of the other things you relentlessly request. Soon enough you’ll be here and we’ll get to know one another and figure this whole thing out together.

Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND, we are looking for a cloudy day today with a high of 36, right now at 9:30 we are sitting at 42.
Oct.16 was *Boss’s Day*,its never to late to tell your boss he’s the man or woman.

Now here is a day that gives you a chance to both tell and show the boss what you really think of him or her. And, it is an opportunity to give your boss the appreciation that he or she truly deserves. So go right ahead and give it to him…..give it to him good! After all, it only comes around once a year.
Happy bosses day Jay. and to all those boss’s out there the Running Shoe solutes you!

The origin of Bosses Day dates back to 1958. Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois, registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Haroski chose the date because it was her father’s birthday. Who was her boss? ….her father.

Today is [Frankenstein Day] There are three known “days,’ and as a result, a little confusion. We have Frankenstein Friday, National Frankenstein Day, and Frankenstein Day. Let’s clarify these days for you…….

Frankenstein Day is on August 30. This day is in honor of author Mary Wollenstone Shelley who was born on August 30,1797. She wrote the book “Frankenstein” in 1818. This day is in honor of her birth.

Frankenstein Friday is the last Friday in October. Originally, we traced some references back to a website on Frankenberry cereal, which suggests a commercial origin. Recently, the creator came forward and told us about this special day that he created. More on Frankenstein Friday.

National Frankenstein Day Google posts this as October 29th. We have not been able to verify that this as a true National Day. Our latest research suggests this day is really Frankenstein Friday.

Are you still confused? Then, do what we do and celebrate all three days!

Everyone ready to go trick or treating or take out those little guys! I have to be honest with you, I always been a little scared to trick or treat, yea, I have bad memories” [1987] mom would ask me what I got? I look down in the bag, look up and say ” I got a rock.”

Have a great day everyone.

Contemplating the F-word

I recently attended an outstanding conference hosted by the Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals, and one of the speakers in particular has left me thinking…

and thinking…

and thinking.

Even on a weekend. Which is almost unlawful.

She talked about the F-word. You know: Failure.

Her message was simple. We must not fear failure and rob ourselves of living life, we must share our failures with others, and we must celebrate failures in order to create a culture of innovation. This concept blew my mind. I’ve always held myself to the standard that failure is unacceptable. It means I didn’t try hard enough, or I made the wrong choice, or I did something incorrectly- whatever “it” is, I screwed it up. And she wants me to CELEBRATE and SHARE these things?!956b2cadd449b6b6a05ed4f8e65b9ee1

She asked for volunteers to share a time they’ve failed and what they learned from it. I have to admit that it rarely crosses my mind to think, “What did I learnfrom this mess?” when it’s all over. I usually think “Oh my gosh thank GOODNESS that’s over! Time to move on.”I try to stay on the safe side of everything, and if something doesn’t work out right, I sweep it under the rug and move past as fast as possible. The last few jobs I’ve had have been “firsts” for the companies- I was the first Executive Director and I’m currently the first Events Coordinator. (Did I mention that my degree is dietetics?!) Anyway, before I took my last job as ED, I was almost paralyzed with fear that I would say or do something wrong in the position and somehow make the entire organization crumble. I sat down with this same great lady at the time and rather than offering pity or comfort, she challenged me with statements like: “What’s the worst that could happen?” and “So what?!” I was not ready to even consider the outcomes, as my mind was too consumed with the possibilities.

I’m someone who can easily get lost in her own mind. I think about thinking- to a fault at times. So now I have this new challenge to start celebrating and sharing my thoughts on failures I’ve had. I’m not going to lie- it’s been a few weeks, and I still find myself paralyzed with fear at times when I think about failing- but I try to stop and open my mind to the possibility that it may happen as a lesson- as something to celebrate. I believe that most things happen for a reason, even if it’s a reason I don’t like. Or a lesson I don’t want to learn. It still happens, and it’s up to me to decide how to close the cover on that book.

Girl walking in a field carrying a suitcase

What have you failed at recently? And what became of it? Share it with me- let’s CELEBRATE!


Alcohol Use and Grades

“Can alcohol use really affect my grades? When it’s time to study, I study hard. Alcohol can’t be affecting them that much.”#1

Alcohol use affects many different areas pertaining to an individual’s academic achievement. There is a tendency to earn lower grades, do poorly on exams and papers, miss class, and eventually fall behind. You may think that having a few beers before sitting down to write a paper will make the process move faster or elicit more brilliant ideas from your mind; in actuality, it’s slowing your cognitive functioning. Your ability to think abstractly significantly decreases with each new drink. It may seem really appealing to miss a class if you’re hung over; but eat something and head to class. You’re paying for it! Your study hours may be affected by large amounts of drinking and frequent episodes of drinking. Individuals generally study less because they are engaging in drinking which occurs in place of time they could be studying. Drinking can lower an individual’s retention skills and lower their concentration, even days after a night of drinking.


Generally speaking, students with higher GPA consume far fewer drinks than individuals with lower GPA. For example:

  • “A” students average 4.21 per week
  • “B” students average 6.03 drinks per week
  • “C” students averages 7.76 drinks per week
  • “D” and “F” students average 9.97 drinks per week

Think before you drink; refrain from going out for the night if you know there is a big test coming up or a huge assignment due. Drinking can definitely affect you as a student.
There are plenty of resources on campus that can help you manage your time and get educated on a few ways to reduce drinking habits–the University Counseling Center, the Health & Wellness Hub, the Student Success Center, and the Dean of Students office.


It’s that tim1e of year again. Zombie pub crawls and terrifying drinks are on the menu once more. Thanks to the KNOW campaign, we all know that a standard drink is one 12 oz. beer, 5 oz. of wine, and 1.5 oz. of hard liquor. Pretty straight forward, right? But what about mixed drinks? I’m going to talk about safe ways to get your spook on without ending up under a tombstone.

2There are some gross looking drinks that come out around Halloween. Take the Alien Brain Hemorrhage. Thanks to the different densities of the alcohol (YAY SCIENCE!), the different types of alcohol separate instead of mix. No matter how nasty looking it is, try to limit yourself so your own brain doesn’t end up looking like that!

The Green Goblin is 3another common Halloween themed drink. It is a mixed drink, containing more alcohol than you would think. One serving of this eerie potion is actually 1.7 standard drinks.


Last, but certainly not least, The Zombie. The website I found had a tagline for it, something along the lines of “Strong enough to wake the dead.” This spooky concoction is actually 2.8 standard drinks in one glass. If you are following the 0-1-2-3 low risk approach to drinking, one Zombie and you are done for the night.




Hockey is Back!

The UND Men’s Ice Hockey team will begin its regular season this Friday, October 10th against Bemidji State. Men’s Hockey is without a doubt UND’s most popular sporting event and is often paired with heavy drinking. As the season gets under way, it is important to know a few things about drinking at the Ralph Engelstad Arena (REA). To consume alcohol at the REA you must be 21 years or older and anyone under the age of 35 must wear a wristband from one of the many ID checker stands throughout the building. For UND sporting events there is a limit of two alcoholic drinks per person and beer is permitted anywhere in the building, except the student section. The student section is completely dry (no alcoholic drinks), regardless of age, and any student that receives an alcohol related charge such as a Minor in Possession or Consumption may also have to report to UND for sanctions regarding a violation of UND’s Alcohol Policy.


As the excitement of Hockey season comes upon us, it is important not to forget the rules of safe and responsible drinking. Many students “pre-game” for the hockey games – this is binge drinking, and it can be very dangerous so remember to stick to UND’s 0-1-2-3 of safe drinking. As a reminder, it goes as follows:

0 – Understand when not to drink, especially when you have something important going on the next day (work, test, pregnancy)

1 – Limit yourself to one drink per hour

2 – Keep drinking down to no more than two times per week

3 – Have no more than three drinks in one night

Remember to always have a sober ride. Many local bars and similar establishments will have buses located by the UND Bookstore to shuttle you to their location. Also, as a reminder, the local taxi companies will no longer be accepting debit and credit cards during Hockey season so make sure you have cash on hand.

Additional Information:

REA Policies –

UND Alcohol Policy –

UND’s 0-1-2-3 –

Men’s Hockey Schedule –

Picture –

How to Help Your Friend

The dictionary definition of a friend is a person who is a supporter, a sympathizer and a lover. If we call ourselves a friend of someone we should be quick to be their support, to sympathize with them, and to love them. The best way to show these characteristics of a good friend is to care for one another in many different situations; such as after a night of heavy drinking.

indiana teen

Too often we hear stories of individuals that never left a party with the people they came with and end up seriously hurt or dead the next morning. We also hear stories where the individuals were taken home by their friends, but left by themselves for the rest of the night, like the story above. Let’s not be a part of another story.

Here are a few things to remember when taking care of your friends after a night of drinking:

Place them in the Bacchus Maneuver

The Bacchus maneuver is the best way to get your friend to lay on their side in order to decrease the possibility of choking on puke. Once you have your friend on their side, you should continue to check on them; if they have rolled to their back, make sure to place them on their side once again.bacchus

Stay with your friend the whole night

Gently nudge them and check their breathing regularly. Alcohol is a depressant which can slow or even stop a few of the involuntary functions of your body, such as breathing; heart rate and blood pressure. If at any time the breathing of your friend is less than 8 breaths per minute, call emergency personnel. If your friend has fallen asleep, someone should stay with them and check on them continuously because they could become unconscious.

Keep them warm

Your friend may be sweating, but it is actually smart to make sure they are warm and have blankets near them. Alcohol lowers the body’s temperature and can cause hypothermia.

Encourage them to drink water

Alcohol causes dehydration in the body; therefore, it is wise to switch your friend’s beer bottle with a water bottle. Coffee and tea do not help to sober up; they, along with alcohol, are a diuretic and further the effects of dehydration. Time is the only thing that can help sober an individual.

Talk about it

Ask one another what activities or actions at a party they do not want to be a part of, for example, playing beer pong, going into a room alone with a guy, etc. Once you both know, you can watch out for each other at the party by reminding one another of these precautionary decisions and can pull one another away from the situations discussed.

Set Boundaries

Being a caring friend is a noble thing, but be aware of your own boundaries and abilities in this situation. Talk to your friend before going out to a party. Let your friend know what you are willing to do for her/him if he or she becomes too intoxicated. If your friend understands your boundaries, they will be less likely to become dependent upon you for the night or in the future.


A *bit* of Credit.

As I approach most new and different things in life, I generally have the same mindset.

It goes something like this:
“I can’t do this. I’m going to say the wrong thing. I won’t be good enough. They’re going to get rid of me/dislike me. Someone will do better after me. Someone did better before me. I can’t do this. I shouldn’t do this.” And so on.

I get stuck in a spiral of negative self-doubt.  It’s terrifying and… exhausting.

To be honest, I have no idea where it came from. I have been surrounded by a lot of encouraging and loving people in my life who have lifted me up and given me confidence in my abilities… yet… I still go back to that same black hole. Every. Time.

Motherhood is quickly approaching. Part of me wants to keep this little one safely inside of me forever. And to be completely honest, a selfish part of me is terrified of the changes we’re going to face when we add one more human to our mix. Right now, aside from the occasional leg cramp or ache, life is pretty predictable. I can come and go as I’d like. I can eat when and what I want. I can take a nap when I need it. I know my schedule and have a pretty good idea of how the day will go. And I like it like that.

But that’s all about to change. In just a few short weeks, our whole world will be flipped upside down. All of the control will go out the window, and our lives will be dictated by a tiny little creature that we created. If parental personalities and tendencies have anything to do with it, I already KNOW this one is going to be stubborn and independent. And Mom and Dad will learn a whole new level of patience and acceptance. (And Dad will be even LATER every time we left the house.)

I can’t do this. I mean, I’m not ready.

“How are we going to get through all of the sleepless nights without turning on each other?” “What happens when/if breastfeeding doesn’t come along quickly enough or easily enough?” “Will I have the love that I need to be a good mother?”

Those of you who are already parents are chuckling right now; you know the answers to all of these questions, and perhaps you’re reliving those “glory days and nights” of old…

It’s time to stop and get real.

I *CAN* do this. After all, it’s a little late to go back now, right? I’m guessing that the sleepless nights, breastfeeding, and love will come much more naturally and easily if I start by believing in myself. This little one is going to believe in me and rely on me… and the least I could do is give myself a *bit* of credit to start the journey off on the right foot.



Where do you need to start giving yourself more credit?

Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND, we are looking for a high today at 28 right now at 9:30 we are setting at 51.

October 2 was National Custodial Workers Recognition Day
It is never to late to give your local custodial two thumbs up!
We are out their to make your world a cleaner place.
And now your UND Wellness Center local custodians!
June Preuss***** Eric Smith****** Matt Haslll*****Lynn Haman***** And Jay Kallin***** And to everyone on the UND campus, we solute you!

The movie of the week
[ Dracula Untold ]

Find out how the legend started at the River Cinema 15!

I got to tell yea I never been so thrilled for Mondays nights!
The new smashing t.v. show Gotham – you gotta see it!
Before Batman, Joker, and Cat Woman there was Gotham.

Have a great day everybody!

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