Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships seem simple enough: be nice, don’t cheat, be present. However, it takes time and mutual effort to keep them healthy and strong.  When you look deeper into your relationship, whether with a boyfriend or a girlfriend or even with your best friend,   you might notice four major foundations stemming from respect, trust, communication, and honesty.


If you respect each other and honor each other’s thoughts and opinions, you will feel stronger with   each other. Respecting that person’s differences as well as physical and emotional boundaries are also very important elements of healthy relationships.  Respect starts with getting to know each other the best you can. Thus, spend time with each other and ask each other important questions, such as “What is important for you?” “What do you like and do not like?”, or “What are your boundaries?” will lay a good foundation for your mutual respect.


Trust is a huge part of a relationship. Trust enables you to encourage each other and celebrate each other’s successes. You will always know that promises will be kept and carried out. You must earn your partner or friend’s trust because when you need their support you would want them to be there for you. To build trust be reliable, be there for your partner when they need you, and keep in mind that building trust takes time and constant actions that build on each other.


Effective communication helps you understand your partner or friend better.  Active listening is a very important form of communication because you can learn about what is truly happening with another person, how she or he really feels. To become a better listener, you need to pay attention (both physically and mentally) to what a person is saying, defer judgment, provide good feedback, and remember to treat another person the way you want to be treated yourself.


If you are open and truthful with each other and being the “true you”, you will build on all of the other foundations of a healthy relationship which enable you to create a relationship. Be honest about your needs and concerns. By sharing them, there would be no extra tension in your relationship.

Now ask yourself: How solid is YOUR relationship?


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General Health and Sexual Health Peer Educator on UND's campus

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