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Keep Moving

I tried to get off the couch last weekend, only to realize that this baby inside of me is slowly robbing me of my ability to bend and move as easily… and sometimes, at all. Now I knew this day would come. I’ve had moments of struggling to bend over or get up off the ground… but not like this. This was laughable– like a turtle stuck on its back. I think my loving husband and dog enjoy the show every time I get up to use the bathroom or grab a snack.

When I sleep at night, it’s become a major feat to roll from one side to the other. Occasionally I will stop for a breather when I’m on my back. And to get up when I need to pee? Let’s just say I’m glad we have a firm mattress or we’d be in some SERIOUS trouble.

In the very beginning of my pregnancy, I was often so tired and winded that working out was something I dreaded and barely made it through, but I was determined to keep moving. I figured that by my 7th month I could possibly be couch or bed bound because this was my first pregnancy and you just never know about those things, so I made pact with myself to move while I could. I also mapped out strategies like looking into a swimming pass to help relieve the potential aches and pains I heard so much about.
But for the time being, I wanted to keep moving. Walking the dog. Making it to the gym most days of the week. Dusting off the ol’ walking videos in the basement. Zumba-ing my heart out. Whatever it took.

I’m proud and relieved to report that I’m at the point of “any day now” with my pregnancy and I am still able to take our dog for a “long walk” occasionally (FYI: “Long walks” are anywhere from 1.5-2 hours… “Walks” are around an hour… and “Barely Even” means that we walked 30 minutes or less) Granted there are days where she more or less walks me, but we get there. And back. And then collapse on the couch until it’s snack time- which cannot be missed.

I was thinking about it while being walked by the dog the other day… I cannot believe how fortunate I am to still be able to walk that long. Granted, it takes me a lot longer to walk a shorter distance thanks to constant potty breaks and occasional leg pain/numbness… but still. I’m moving.

And do you know why I think I’m still moving like this? Because in the beginning I kept moving. I stuck to my commitment. (I also LOVE double stuffed Oreos and peanut butter/peanut M&Ms, so I told myself I had to find some sort of “balance.”) No matter what the reason, I stuck with it for the past several months. And I truly believe it’s made all the difference.

Now… you may be reading this thinking, “Who cares?! I’m not pregnant. This is irrelevant.” But try to see the big picture. It’s been about making a commitment to physical activity or something to do with living a healthy life and sticking with it… and then seeing results. So maybe the scale isn’t where I’d like to see it at this point in my pregnancy, but I’m still moving. And I hope it will continue to be a reward with a faster labor and delivery. I guess we’ll (hopefully) find out soon!

What kind of commitment can you make today? It doesn’t have to be a big, huge, extravagant goal. You don’t have to walk forever like I do (for me, walking is thee BEST therapy). Start small and work your way up. I bet it will surprise you how amazing and capable your body is when you push a little bit at a time.

So what you do say?
Let’s make your pact…


it’s Like Riding a Bike

meet “Fenders”

So there I was… about to take Fenders (as my bike is “affectionately” called) across town for an appointment. The weather has been so nice lately, and I figured this would be a great alternative to driving a car.

Now, Fenders has only been used maybe 4 times. I bought her with my tax return money after MANY years of contemplating the purchase. Before her, I had a bike that my sister won in a raffle at the age of 12. Despite my best attempts to spruce it up with bike lights (which I often set to “strobe” and naturally break out in dance parties) and a gel padded seat… it was way too small, the brakes no longer worked, and it squeaked the entire time. No good.

I carried my bike outside, sat down and realized both tires were flat. At that moment, I contemplated just taking my car so I would be on time. But that would’ve been the easy way out.

I decided to get the tires aired up at the gas station down the road. As I’m pedaling over, my ear bud somehow flies out and gets wrapped in my tire; the other ear bud follows and my iPod crashes into the street. My breaks are new, so I almost went over the handle bars when I tried to stop. After a little bit of persuading, a very nice car mechanic helped me fill my tires at the gas station and I was off once again.

The next hurdle happened shortly after. I had to walk Fenders up a hill because I was tired and it was windy, and I HATE being a wimp. (I’m my own biggest competitor. And yes, in hindsight I’ll admit that this wasn’t as big of a crisis as I made it out to be, but at the time I was insurmountably frustrated.)

I then realized I overshot my first turn by 12 blocks by taking “the back way.” As I was riding down the street, I couldn’t help but notice all of the little kids out on their bikes, smiling and laughing. I was on the verge of tears and ready to scream.

Finally, I found the correct place to turn.

I managed to overshoot the next turn too. *deep breath* As I attempted to change directions, I didn’t turn sharp enough and slammed into the curb, sending my poor body flying through the air.

At that point I was ready to just give up on life. (I’m sure those little kids who were smiling were just happy that they have training wheels to help them out in times like this. Perhaps I should look into getting some.)

Yes, I am 27 and I fell off my bike.

Have you ever been injured while out doing something you enjoy? Maybe it’s just me, but when I was young and would fall off my bike or fall down while rollerblading, it left a scar and took away any desire I had to get back out there and attempt that activity again. In fact, it took me 10 years to strap on rollerblades because of a minor spill. I don’t even remember the spill. I do, however, associate those 8 wheeled monsters with falling. And falling is no fun, amiright?!

Fenders was definitely on my bad list.

The next day, I decided that my bike was no longer of use to me and traded my 2 wheels for 8. And my friend told me that I needed to “get back on the horse.”

Really?! Give Fenders another chance?!

But… my arm hurt.

And my pride hurt worse.

Alas, in the end she was right (*grumble, grumble).


I decided to give Fenders another shot the next day.

I took her in for a tune up.

Fixed my crooked handle bars.

Changed my attitude.

Decided to enjoy the ride rather than fear it.


And… truth be told, I could’ve been out there all day just riding around and exploring the city!

If only my rear had the stamina of my brain.

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