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North Dakota is boring

I moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota a few years back from Wisconsin to take a job at the University of North Dakota and the one thing that I heard from many people (not everyone, but quite a few) is that North Dakota is boring.  Its flat prairie and there is not much to do in terms of outdoor adventures and at first glance that is true.  North Dakota is the Northern Great Plains, and yes it is flat for much of the state, however, I soon learned that North Dakota is home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP).  Wisconsin doesn’t even have a national park (its got national forests, rivers, and state parks out the wazoo, but no National Parks)!  So over Memorial Day weekend i decided to take a road trip to the North Unit of TRNP and see what it is all about.

I left early in the morning to beat the “traffic” on Hwy 2 and after a very doable 6hr drive (I drive slow) I was entering Watford City.  Now up until that point I will say that all I saw was prairie, a few lakes, and the Bakken oil fields, but as I made my way 15 miles south of Watford City…BAM!!!  I was in the middle of North Dakota Badlands!  They literally came out of nowhere.

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Now the North Unit of TRNP is much smaller than the South Unit which is located 68 miles south and closer to Medora, ND, but I have to say the North Unit is underrated.  The first thing you see upon entering the park are the badlands formations and the layers of sediments.  The pictures do not do it justice, as there were numerous colors from blue-grey, orange, red, brown, black, and green.  There were also buffalo just hanging out in the campground.  I actually had 2 walk right through my campsite while i was putting some equipment away in my car.

The other great thing about the park is that even though it is smaller than the South Unit or Badlands National Park in South Dakota, it is also very intimate.  When hike the 36+ miles of trail you are scrambling over rocks and badlands formations, you are following in the footsteps of buffalo herds, you are climbing up hill through a juniper and ash forest, you are truly a part of TRNP, not just getting scenic overlooks.  It’s also nice that the North Unit is not crowded.  When I arrived on Thursday before Memorial Day there were 4 other groups in the campground and by the Sunday there was still 20 sites available.

The trails were very rugged which was a lot of fun and exhausting at the same time.. I hiked for almost 4 hours each day I was there and still did not see everything.  I also learned a lot from the Nature Trail leaflets on the Little Mo Trail and Caprock Coulee Trail (in my opinion the best representation of the entire park and it was only 4.4 miles round trip).  Did you know that there are 3 different varieties of sagebrush in the park and each has a unique fragrance?  I was only able to find 2 of them (Silver Sage and Big Sage), but sure enough they both had a different smell!

Another great thing about TRNP is that it is within spitting distance of the Maah Daah Hey Trail.  A 97 mile trail that one can hike, bike, or horseback ride on through the North Dakota badlands and rolling prairie.

North Dakota is boring?!?!? There is almost too much to do!  And for those that live in Grand Forks and a 6 hr drive is too long, Turtle River State Park is just down the road and Devil’s Lake just little bit farther.  Get outside and explore the wonders of North Dakota and the surrounding areas and if someone tells you that North Dakota is boring just tell them that they are just not looking hard enough.


Wellness Center Internship Experience

Wow, it is already the end of the semester and the end of my internship with the Wellness Center.  Back in January when I started here this day seemed so far away, now looking back the semester really did fly by.  I gained a lot of valuable experience during my time here as Special Events Intern, and I also met some great people.  In this blog post I will recap some of what I did as well as what I learned and will take with me after graduation this spring.

This internship has allowed me to gain valuable experience in many different areas of business.  The primary project that I helped with was the 2nd annual Wellness Center Expo in late February.  This was a fun project to work on because I got to see firsthand how the planning process worked for a large event like the Expo.  I attended weekly meetings and even had a role on the “exhibitor committee” where my job was to assist with the coordination of the Exhibitors for the event.  I created a floor plan of the event and helped place where each exhibitor’s booth would be located during the event.  This seemed like it would be an easy task, but it tested my critical thinking skills.  When the day of the event arrived I had even more duties.  I worked at the check-in desk and practiced my communication customer relations and skills (two areas I wanted/needed practice in).  Later when the Expo was over I helped explain to volunteers how they could help tear down the event.  To do that I had to communicate the specific way that we wanted to take down and load things like chairs, tables and carpet tiles.  Overall it was a valuable experience to see the event take place from planning stage through the execution of the event.  Some things didn’t go like we hoped but many aspects went better than we planned.  One lesson that I will take away from this internship is that you truly can’t plan for everything when putting on an event.  Something will happen that you didn’t expect and you have to be able to think on your feet to solve the problem and learn from it for next time.  Overall the event was a success and I even got to hear about some exciting things they have planned for next year’s Expo at the post-event meeting we had.  (I’m disappointed that I won’t be around next year to attend!)

Other projects I was involved with were Family Fun days, RecSports’ 4v4 Pond Hockey Tournament and the creation of the Outdoor Recreation program.  There were also a handful of other events that the Wellness Center hosted like the Junior Grand Am Basketball tournament and several student organization events.  I also took on many different administrative tasks in my little makeshift office on the 2nd floor that also gave me insight as to how much work goes into the daily operations of a facility like this.  Each project was unique from the other and provided me a learning opportunity.

As I mentioned I got an opportunity to help with Family Fun days this semester.  One Saturday afternoon it was my job to setup and oversee this event.  I arrived around noon to set up.  I had to prepare the kiosk in the atrium so families could sign in when they arrived.  Then I had to get the classroom set up with board games, the gym set up with basketballs and the Multi Activity court with soccer balls and footballs.  All of this took longer than I anticipated and next thing I knew there were families arriving and the Gym court and Multi Activity court weren’t set up yet!  Luckily, volunteers arrived at that same time and I was able to delegate different tasks to complete the setup in time for kids and parents to have some fun.  Once that was done I walked around to all the different stations to check on the families and the volunteers and make sure everyone was satisfied and was having a great experience.  In doing this I learned a lot about being accountable and leading.  I was in charge that day and had to make sure everything was ready to go so that our customers had a great experience.  To make sure that happened I had to organize my volunteers and give them tasks that would help achieve that goal, because I couldn’t do it all on my own.

The 4v4 Pond Hockey tournament was another big project I was involved in.  This was something that Patrick Marcoe (my supervisor) and I worked together on, and he gave me a lot of responsibility with it.  I helped develop the rules for the tournament, setup the bracket, created the event in IM Leagues and put in a marketing request for flyers to advertise the tournament.  Then on the weekend of the tournament we braved the cold weather for two evenings and kept score for each of the games and also served as the off-ice officials overseeing play.  This was another example of not being able to plan for everything that happens during an event and gave me a chance to think on my feet when a couple teams didn’t to show up for their games.  We had to get creative and changed the entire schedule of events right there in the warming house.  Then we had to clearly communicate to all of the teams what the changes were and when they played next.  Although the tournament didn’t go exactly the way we hoped it was still a success and again provided me with an opportunity to develop skills and learn through experience.

I could go on and on about my semester as Special Events Intern at the Wellness Center…but I won’t.  In summary, everyday provided me with a challenge and an opportunity to learn, which is what I’m looking for while in college.  I met a lot of great people that helped me along the way and I hope them all the best in the future.  I would like to thank Patrick for giving me this opportunity and being a great teacher along the way.  Soon, I’ll be off on my next adventure as I travel into the “real world” with graduation a little over a week away.  I will take all of the experiences I had as Special Events Intern at the Wellness Center and use them to be successful at my next stop and beyond.  Now if I could only bring one of these fun bouncy stools with me as well…

Steven Hausmann

May 2, 2013

Intramural Champions Spring 2013

Here are the Spring 2013 Broomball, Inline Hockey, Volleyball, and  Dodgeball Championships!

Broomball Champions

CoRec Broomball Champion - Sunnyvale

Broomball CoRec Champion – Sunnyvale

Inline Hockey

Open Inline Hockey Champion - Forgetting Sue

Inline Hockey Champion – Forgetting Sue

Volleyball Champions

Volleyball Women's Champion - The Has-Beens

Volleyball Women’s Champion – The Has-Beens

Volleyball Men's Champion - Derta Ter Derta

Volleyball Men’s Champion – Derta Ter Derta

Volleyball CoRec D1 Champion - Dakota Shore

Volleyball CoRec D1 Champion – Dakota Shore

Volleyball CoRec D2 Champion - Anneka's Stormtroopers

Volleyball CoRec D2 Champion – Anneka’s Stormtroopers

Dodgeball Champions

Dodgeball CoRec Champion - Tongue Punch

Dodgeball CoRec Champion – Tongue Punch

Basketball and Indoor Soccer Champions

We recently saw the conclusion of the Spring 2013 Basketball and Indoor Soccer Championships!

Basketball Champions

CoRec Basketball - Havoc

CoRec Basketball – Havoc

Men's D1 Champion - Bombers

Men’s D1 Basketball – Bombers

Men's D2 - Northern Lights

Men’s D2 Basketball – Northern Lights


Women’s Basketball – Block Party

Indoor Soccer Champions

CoRec Indoor Soccer Champion - Man-Chest-Hair

CoRec Indoor Soccer – Man-Chest-Hair

Men's Indoor Soccer - FC Broiler

Men’s Indoor Soccer – FC Broiler

Intramural Ice Hockey Champions

The long road to the championship started back in October and after 5 months of league play and playoffs; three champions emerged from the D1, D2, and D3 leagues on the REA Main Ice.

Grand Forks D1 Champions

Grand Forks – D1 Champions

Celly Hard D2 Champions

Celly Hard – D2 Champions

Dangle Berries D3 Champions

Dangle Berries – D3 Champions

4v4 Pond Hockey Champions

After two nights of bitter cold the North Stars emerged as 4v4 Pond Hockey Champions!  Games were played at University Park in conjunction with the Late Night Skate Program put on by the Wellness Center and the Student Wellness Advisory Committee (SWAC)  Thank you to all participants!

North Stars

North Stars

Box Lacrosse Champions

This past weekend concluded the 4v4 Box Lacrosse tournament.  After 2 grueling hard-fought days, the Multiplications Sharks emerged as champions in the double elimination tournament.

Multiplication Sharks
Multiplication Sharks 4v4 Box Lacrosse Champions

UND Fall 2012 Intramural Champions

Here is a look at all the UND Intramural Champions for Fall 2012.  Congratulations to all participants on a great season!

#SquirrelSwag-Women VB

Women Volleyball Champion – #SquirrelSwag


CoRec D1 Volleyball Champion – Merica

CoRec D2 Volleyball – A-Town Brown


Men Volleyball Champion – Italia


Inline Hockey Champion – GForks2

CR-Real United

CoRec Indoor Soccer Champion – Real United

M-FC Broiler

Men Indoor Soccer Champion – FC Broiler

MD1-Those Guys

Men D1 Basketball Champion – Those Guys

MD2-Team #4

Men D2 Basketball Champion – Team #4

W-Block Party

Women Basketball Champion – Block Party

CR-Block Party

CoRec Basketball Champion – Block Party

Second Best

Flag Football Champion – Second Best

Zen Masters

Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Champion – Zen Masters

1st Intramural Champions of 2012-2013 Crowned

Yesterday, we learned of UND’s first Intramural Champions of the 2012-2013 school year.

The Flag Football Championship game was a hard fought game, not just between Second Best and Team Tyrone, but also against the frigid winds of North Dakota.  The players and officials were greeted by a snow covered field, but after some quick shoveling, the field was playable and the game got under way.  After 40 minutes of cold, wet, and slippery conditions, Second Best emerged victorious as UND’s Flag Football Champions!

The next games of the evening were on the Multi-Activity Court in the Wellness Center for Inline Hockey.  The evening featured a brutal schedule of both Semi-Final Games and then the Championship Game immediately after.  Following the Semi-Finals, only two teams remained, GForks and the Rastafarian Rockets.  However, in the end only one team truly remained and it was GForks that outlasted the competition to become the Fall 2012 Inline Hockey Champions!

More Champions will be revealed as the Fall 2012 Intramural Season continues with sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Ice Hockey, and Indoor Ultimate Frisbee.

Are you up for the CHALLENGE!?

This week the Rock Wall is FREE to all Students, Faculty, and Staff. We welcome new and returning climbers to check out all that we offer.

The Rock Wall is a great place to meet new friends, gain a new hobby, and get a good work out in! If you are looking for something more challenging than your everyday workout, rock climbing tests a climbers strength, endurance, agility, and balance.

Our membership rates are $30 for a Semester Pass and $50 for an Annual Pass. This includes a FREE Belay Certification, FREE shoe rental, FREE equipment rental, and a Rock Wall instructor will help you develop the basic terms and techniques of climbing so that you can exceed to higher levels.

Are you up for the CHALLENGE!?

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