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Power Cycle

Dimension: Emotional

Activity: Power cycle

Saturday, March 3rd at 11am

Oh! Not again. That’s what I thought before attending Power Cycle. I knew what to expect going in because I had attended this class once before. At much as I was not looking forward to the class, I knew I would be glad at the end for going. The instructor would say don’t cheat yourself, push yourself! And that is exactly what I did for 45 minutes. I am really glad I went to the class and I know I will be going again. Loud and fast music along with the instructor’s motivations make the class go by fast. This workout routine is not just focused on the legs. Since it’s cycling, at first I thought it would be a great workout for my legs. But this workout equally works the abs as we do moves to work the abdominal muscles. The cycling session was divided into many sections. Sections with up, lean, sit and sprint were the hardest part for me. I was in charge of how much I wanted to push myself. What I got out was what I put in. Overall, the class was a welcomed torture. Cardio workouts need to be intense and this class is a perfect cardio class. I am sure everyone will be glad that they went to this class. Enjoy!


Looking for a job???

Dimension: Occupational

Activity: Job search

Sunday, February 26th

When looking for a job, it always helpful if there is a start point. Generally, we all like to start on the internet. Through random internet searches I found a website for jobs in ND. It’s called You can upload your resume and fill out an information page so when you find a job you like, you can click to find information and once you click “apply for this job” button, your information will be automatically sent to the employer. When I apply for a job, I like to go and get an application in person. That way, I can meet with the manager and let him/her associate my face with the name and qualifications. Since first impressions are often important in these situations, I recommend not wearing sweat pants. Whether you are looking for a part time job while in college or for something permanent, this website is a great place to start! I have found success with this website when looking for a part time job. May be you will too! With summer around the corner, I am sure many people are looking or will be looking for a summer job. Good luck with the process and I hope this website can bring you success as well.

Cycle for a Cause

Dimension: Spiritual

Activity: Attend Cycle for a cause class the wellness center

Tuesday, February 21st at 5:15pm

I would always ponder on the idea of getting paid for working out. Don’t you think it would be an amazing incentive if you were getting paid to work out every day? Well, what I was not aware was the fact that somebody else had already thought of this (with a better modification). Instead of getting paid for yourself, you can work out and help others; kind of donating your workout effort.  Last Tuesday, I participated on a group exercise class called cycling for cause. I got to the room 10 minutes before the scheduled start time but was surprised to see that most cycles were already occupied. Although I have cycled before, I had never participated on instructed cycling class. So, I did not know what to expect. Before class started, our instructor told us a little about the program. Every week people would gather to cycle and donate the miles that they have cycled for a cancer research. During the class, instructor would tell some facts about a particular cancer- Prostate Cancer for that day. So the music videos that were played on the screen and facts about Prostate Cancer made 45 minutes workout appear go fast.  It was the shortest 45-minute workout I have every participated on. I was also amazed by the intensity of the workout. I never knew cycling could be that intense. If you haven’t participated in group exercise class, I strongly recommend you do. At the end of the class you would not only be walking away with the greatest sense of accomplishment but, with some knowledge about cancer as well.

Dance, Dance….and Dance

Dimension: physical

Activity: Zumba

Thursday, February 16th at 7:15pm

The activity was to attend the Zumba class. I have been wanting to try one of the many group fitness activities offered at the wellness center but something always came up. This was the time! I had heard great things about the class and Zumba seems to be “the thing” these days. My friends back home are also into zumba and they talk about it a lot. Dancing as a way to get cardio work out, sounded like it would be fun and not too hard. It was tough! The class started at 715 and I found myself constantly looking the clock and counting down the time. The instructor was really good and only in my head, I was mirroring her well. Some moves were easier than the others. Most attendees seemed like they visited frequently, they were on beat most of the times. I suppose I should go more often that way I will look like I know what I am doing as well. The instructor said she will switch up things occasionally but, mostly she will try not to switch up too much too drastically. I am so glad I went to the class. It really was a great workout, so much better than running on a treadmill. I was breathless, sweated, wanted to puke at times, but I survived! How much you get out from the class depends on how hard you push yourself. You can stand there and moves your hips and arms and legs. You certainly don’t have to jump very high or stump hard if you are looking for something mild. But if you want an intense work out, jump high and stump hard. Hard work pays off, eventually! Go and try it out. I suggest starting with ½ hr long class rather than a hr long.

CAB Crawler

Dimension: Environmental

Activity: Obtain/Update your CAB or CAT Crawler

Sunday, Feb 12

The most shocking thing when I first came to UND was the price of a cab
ride. During the orientation I was told about the CAB and CAT Crawler but since I had a car I didn’t think I would need them. I would generally take the campus shuttle to go to classes and when I needed to go off campus I had a car for that. In the past  few years since I have been to UND, I have made use of CAB crawler couple of times. At first I thought I wouldn’t even need to use them, but it came in handy when my car was in the shop. Taking cabs around town with couple of friends is economic and environmental. Not to mention one doesn’t have to worry about driving home after having couple of drinks. I encourage everyone to obtain and use CAB crawler. You would not only be helping the environment but yourself as well. What can be great than knowing that you will get to your destination safe anytime of the day in any condition for few bucks. Last Sunday in order to obtain an environmental Band, I renewed CAB crawler and a city bus pass. Now, I know in emergencies I can get a cab for few bucks. One horrible thing associated with getting cabs is the wait time. I have had to wait for at least 1/2 hr to an hr for a cab. And, generally I end up sharing the cab with bunch of other strangers. I suppose for $3 bucks what more can I expect?

Liberia night

Dimension: Social

Activity: Attend cultural night – Liberia

Thursday, January 9th at 6:30pm

The activity was to attend a cultural night –Liberia.  Almost every Thursday students and members from GF community can attend cultural night series and learn a little bit about that culture.  For a dollar we can even “sample” cuisine from that country. That “sample” usually ends up being my dinner for the night. That’s great! For a dollar I get to have dinner. However, I couldn’t sample foods from Liberia because I had to be somewhere at 715 so I could only stay for the presentation. I learned some new things about Liberia. Now if anyone was to ask me what the capital city or for whom the city was named, then I will be able to answer those questions. Since I have attended other cultural nights, I knew what I was expecting before going to Liberia night. Generally, the show starts with a brief presentation about the country, followed by dances/songs and finally food. Since the Liberian community on campus is small, they didn’t have any dances/songs. Little history about Liberia was informative and entertaining. I wish I could have stayed to sample the cuisine; but I am sure they will do this again next year. Education isn’t just about knowing things in your field; it is also about having broad knowledge regarding the rest of the world. I once knew a guy who thought all he needed to know regarding “general knowledge” was the capital of ND. I will be attending more of these cultural series in the future.

NDMoA: The Birds

Dimension: Intellectual

Activity: Visit the ND Museum of Art

Saturday, January 28th at 3:00 PM

The activity was to visit the ND Museum of Art to visit the winged shadows life among birds exhibit.
This was just a right nudge for me to visit ND Museum for the first time in my second year here at
UND. Since, the only reasonable meaning that I could draw from the exhibition’s title was birds; I did
not have many expectations besides the fact that I will be seeing things related to birds. I was right!
The exhibition was filled with photographs and paintings of different kind of birds. The first thing that
caught my eyes was this magnificent white thing which resembled a dress which I later found out to be
a bird’s nest. Various paintings of Kingfisher trying to eat “heartless” fisherman were trying to convey
the message of Karmic cycle. My personal favorites were Rebecca Norris-Webb’s “Havana, Cuba” and
Walton Ford’s “ Swadeshi – Cide”. The little notes on Walton Ford’s paintings were another fun thing
to read while admiring his paintings. While visiting this exhibition I had no thoughts expect of the birds
in the paintings. This helped me unwind and provided me with an opportunity to learn little more about
various birds.

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