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Career Fair!

Dimension: Occupational
Date: Feb 14
Activity: Attend the UND Career Fair

This afternoon I went to the UND Career Fair over at the Wellness Center. I was impressed at the volume of students and businesses participating. I had been to one other career fair in the hyslop a few years ago and was expecting the same scenario. The wellness center felt much more relaxed and inviting, and it was a lot easier to hear the representatives. I enjoyed talking with Hutch Tech and local companies like Digi Key. It was an efficient way to network and brush up on my “presentation” skills. Although I wasn’t looking to land anything from today, I was glad for the chance to practice interview skills and polish my resume. I will definitely be taking advantage of other opportunities like this, since it does nothing but benefit my occupational outlook.


museum of art

Dimension: intellectual
Activity: Visit the ND Museum of Art to see Winged Shadows Life Among Birds Exhibit
Date: January 28

Saturday afternoon I took my parents to see the new art exhibit on campus. The black/white canvases displaying different images of birds was calming and interesting. Upstairs held all of the art to be auctioned off this coming weekend. It was intellectually stimulating to see all of the local artists’ works in the museum. I have been to the museum for past exhibits, but this was another new experience. After I felt inspired and anxious for the next time I would visit.  This experience was a good way to learn more about North Dakota and campus. We are fortunate to have this on campus.

Student Organizations: Occupational

While I was waiting for the SHAC meeting to begin Monday, I ran into a member of Student Government and had a conversation regarding the upcoming elections and a judicial review committee. While in undergrad, I participated as a Senator in Student Government, so I was somewhat aware of this committee the counsel needed. I learned that each year a separate, 3rd party appeals committee is created in case someone should wish to appeal an elected member’s appointment. After learning more about this committee and the UND elections process, I agreed to become a member of the committee and gather fellow law students to join me; should an issue arise. Going into the evening I was unaware of the depth and breadth of student organizations and operations. I am impressed at all the effort that goes into these groups and am looking forward to further participation in this group. It was a great learning experience, and I am glad the Pursuit of Wellness activities has us spending time at the Union, because it is very educational and rewarding.

Salvation Army- Environmental

Dimension: Environmental
Activity: Donate to Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any community food pantry
Saturday, January 21st

As I pulled out my ‘extreme winter gear’ this past Saturday morning, I began to go through my closet to find the items that I no longer need and others might find use for. I realized the amount of scarves, sweatshirts, etc.. I no longer wore and it felt good to clear out some room at my house. Even more, it felt better to donate the items to the salvation army on the south end of town. Donating items I no longer need is a good way to “recycle” clothes and help others out. Clearing out my closet also made me realize how much I had that I selfishly hoarded :). It was an eye-opener and I definitely will not be shopping for a while. It also made me consider other things to donate more than clothes.

Social pursuit

Dimension: Social
Activity: Visit the Student Involvment Office
Tuesday, January 17th

Yesterday I went to the Student Involvement Center to get my wristband and check out what’s happening at UND. I was particularly interested in what the graduate students could get involved in. Greek life seems to be a big thing at UND, as it should be. Other opportunities that caught my eye were all of the interest-based organizations ranging from cycling to knitting. I had no idea the extent of organizations in Grand Forks. I am looking forward to getting more involved with the judicial branch of Student Government, as well as the Young Professional group in Grand Forks. This was an enjoyable wristband to obtain!

Online Screening: Emotional

Dimension: Emotional
Activity: Complete an online health screening on the UCC Website
Thursday, January 19th

I took an online anxiety test, which was very informative! It was interesting to see the types of questions they ask to get you to reflect on your habits, life, and interactions with others. I found it helpful to have access to all of those health resources online and it was an easy website to navigate through.

Also, when I went to “Healthier U” to drop off my results, I got a free Cold Pack!! Sweet. The zip lock bag has a Kleenex box, cough drops, aspirin, and a cool disposable thermometer. What a great resource to have on campus!


Dimension: Physical
Activity: Take the Online e-chug assessment
Tuesday, January 24th

I took the e-chug quiz through the university today. I was curious about my consumption as well as the way I perceive my peers drinking habits. I did not know going into it that UND kids drank a lot less than what i thought. My perceptions were way off, and it was great to see all the considerations the test suggested as ways to avoid drinking and subjecting oneself to adverse situations. I think this is a good tool to keep in mind from here on out in social situations. It is important to be aware of my drinking habits and always keep it in check.  Read the rest of this entry


Dimension: Spiritual
Activity: Visit the Lotus Meditation Center
Friday, January 20th

Yesterday I went to the Lotus center on campus for the first time. I had no idea what to expect walking into it, but it was a fantastic place! The room was quiet, comfortable, had nice hard wood floors, and places to sit. It was very open with windows and subtle architectural accents that were uplifting. Whomever needs to take a break from their day, life, situation, etc… will feel welcome and at peace here. Side note- the staff were also very friendly, accommodating, and fun to talk with!

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