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Active vs. Passive Reading

Dimension: Intellectual
Activity: Reading for academic success at the Student Success Center
Date: 2/25 9-3

Before attending this event I was a little apprehensive because I had no idea what this event would be about. I had thought maybe we had to read something, but I was curious if we had to read to someone or what we had to do. When I arrived the lady gave me a small paragraph to read.

It was about a procedure where you arrange items into different groups. Then, it when on to explain about facilities needed and that it is important to not overdo things. It said that at first the whole procedure will seem complicated, but soon after it will become just another facet of life. After the procedure is completed you arrange the items into groups again and eventually you will have to complete the whole cycle one again.

After I finished reading the lady asked me what the paragraph was about and I honestly couldn’t tell her. The paragraph didn’t give any evidence to what these items were, or at least I didn’t think it did. I tried to guess but I was completely wrong and then she told me it was about laundry. After she told me that it all made sense then. She explained to me that I was reading as a passive reader. Passive readers are not in control of their reading. A common passive reading experience is to “wake up” in the middle of a paragraph, wondering what you just read.

Active readers on the other hand, control the process of reading. After she informed me of this I realized that this situation has happened to me quite a bit. If I am not interested while reading I often finish and wonder what the heck I just read. The lady introduced me into the P2R Reading System that tells you to Preview, Read Actively, and Review. These are steps that can help you actively read. They are definitely something I am going to put to use.


The Labyrinth

Dimension: Occupational
Activity: Wellness Expo (Labyrinth in the Group Exercise Room)
Date: 2/27 12-5pm

This event was one of the last events that we could attend and therefore it was a free event where we could pick any wristband we wanted. I chose occupational because I could not attend any of the occupational events available. I was a little disappointed to see that there were not more options for the occupational wristband. I would have really liked to see some events with career services, such as their resume and cover letter writing presentations.

When I saw that this event was a labyrinth I had no idea what to expect. I knew what a labyrinth was, but I didn’t know if we would be doing one on paper or if they would have an obstacle course set up for one. When we got there I was very intrigued. The labyrinth was a large mat where you just followed the lines. The lady explained that the labyrinth is an ancient symbol of spiritual journey. I had no idea that they had a spiritual purpose, that was a complete shock to me. She said that the walking the labyrinth could help to focus our minds on God or prayers. It can be as simple as to just help untangle a problem that may seem difficult by making it more clear as you walk. She said others find new insights during the walk. When I walked I just cleared my mind and tried to relax and shed all the stress from school. I do have to say that it was very relaxing and I definitely want to check out the small labyrinth in the quiet space at the Wellness Center.


Dimension: Environmental
Activity: Recycle
Sunday, February 17th

For this activity the we had to keep track of bottle tops from plastic bottle tops we had used and recycled, to seehow many bottles were being saved from the land fill. This event was kindof difficult for me because I just use a Camelbak water bottle all the time and I don’t drink pop or much of anything but water. However, it worked out that my boyfriend was visiting me the weekend of this event and he is a big gatorade drinker, so I made sure he recycled his bottles and I stole his tops. I am really happy that they had this as an event because I am a strong believer in recycling. It irritates me everytime when I see people throwing a large stack of paper away when the recycling can is right next to the garbage can. It also irritates me when people don’t use both sides of a paper, for example when people print. I wish people would realize that they could save so many pieces of paper if they printed on both sides. When I tell people they should I always get the same excuse that they don’t know how. I think that something our University could do to change this matter is by placing by each computer in the library and the Union an instruction sheet of how to print on both sides. I come from a very small town and we don’t even have recycling, but I still make family recycle. For us to do this we have to drive it about an hour away to a city where they have a recycling plant. As far as plastic goes, it scares me that throughout the world we approximately throw away 1500 bottles every second. These plastic bottles take 700 years just to start decomposing and up to 1000 years to fully decompose. At what point are we not going to have any room for all of our waste? I am happy that the University has a pretty strong recycling program, so I hope that students take advantage of that.


Dimension: Physical
Activity: Workout
Monday, February 18th

This activity was normally supposed to be completed on President’s Day, the day there was no class, but even if we would have had class it would have been cancelled. This was the day of one of the huge storms we have had in ND, but that wasn’t about to stop me from working out; however, the Wellness Center had to close. Since the Wellness Center was closed, I was able to complete this challenge the next day. I normally lift weights with a friend every morning at about 6:45am, but that day I told her that we were going to use the new Circuit Deck instead. Neither of us had used the Circuit Deck yet so we were really curious about it. Early in the morning is a great time to work out, I recommend it because no one is there. My friend and I had the Circuit deck completely to ourselves, so that was really nice. I have only done an ab circuit once before when I worked out with a friend at Planet Fitness, but I have never done a full body circuit like this one. I definitely liked it alot because it kept you moving. One of my biggest problems is that I take too long of a time resting between different exercises and then I end up spending too long of a time at the gym. Sometimes I have to skip some of the exercises I want to do just because I don’t have enough time. The new Circuit Deck gets rid of the problem with the timer it has. I also like this new Circuit Deck because it gives people a different place to do weights, but in a more secluded area.

Roll the Dice with your Financial Life

Dimension: Intellectual
Activity: Roll the Dice with your Financial Life. Financial Wellness Office, McCannel Hall, 4th floor.
Friday, February 1st at 10am-2pm

This activity was to attend the grand opening of the Financial Wellness Office. Before attending this event I was unsure of what kindof services this office would be providing students with. I am a junior in college now, so I have been going about this whole college/money thing for three years now and I have learned alot. Before I started college I understood that I needed to save money for the school year because I pay for a majority of things, such as gas and clothes, with my own money. I also thought I knew how to budget my money fairly well, but I learned otherwise my freshman year. I come from a small town where we do not have the opportunity to go a mall or go out to eat to fancy restaraunts, so when I came to college I did not realize how quickly these things would add up. Let’s just say that my money dwindled really quickly and I had to ask my parents for help. I think that this new Financial Wellness Office will be very beneficial to student, whether they think they know what they are doing with their money or not. I like that they can help you create a budget worksheet and help you calculate the true cost of your student loans. My brother is currently a freshman right now and he also struggled right away to balance is money. I tried my best to offer him advice and that did help him to realize that he needed a better plan. Hopefully the Financial Wellness Office can help new students who don’t have someone there to warn them. I also think that in the long run this program will be beneficial to parents because it will save students from having to fall back on their parents.

Love your body week (emotional)

Dimension: Emotional

Activity: Love Your Body Week info booth/fondue

Tuesday, January 29th from 11am-1pm

THis activity was a booth with pamphlets at the Union. However, it wasn’t any old boring booth with information that people just grab; it also had a fondue station. I was really excited to stop by because, let’s face it, I love sweets. I loved that they had marshmallows and graham crackers that you could dunk under the chocolate, they were delicious. Not only was I excited to stop by this booth for the food, but I was curious about the information that they had available. In this century our lives are so focused on the media and that has created numerous problems for people. One of these problems is body image. With all of the commercials and advertisements these days with stick thin models girls often get a distorted image of themselves. I personally love my body. I work out 5-6 times a week because it feels great and I love the way I look, but I would be lying to you if I said I never had a negative image pass through my head. There has been multiple times where I catch myself thinking, “O, if this was just a little bit thinner here.” Also, looking at those Victorias Secret magazines doesn’t really boost a girls confidence either, but I know that I am healthy and at a good weight and size for my body. I thought that having the info booth/fondue as one of the activities was great idea. Hopefully, because it was in the Union which is very public, that people saw other people going to the fondue and information and that encouraged them to do it also.

Social Media

Dimension: Social
Activity: Liking the H&W Facebook Page
Sunday, January 13th

The activity for Sunday was to “Like” the Health and Wellness Facebook page. When I saw this activity on the gameboard I thought it was very appropriate that it was included as an option for the social wristband, especially since the world is becoming so focalized around social media. In this generation you absolutely do not see anyone anymore without a cell phone and with the advancement of technology the means by which these phones operate is unlimited. Therefore, access to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are easier than ever. I really like the UND Health & Wellness Unit Facebook page because I can receive notifications and reminders about events that are going on. Another thing that I really like is the fact that I am constantly updated on are activities and classes that they are holding. Now that I know about different opportunities that the Wellness Center holds, I will definitly be taking advantage of that. The access to this information will further advance my goals of being healthy, strong, and academically successful.


Dimension: Spiritual Activity: Spring Involvement Fair and Volunteer Recruitment Day
Wednesday, January 16th 10am-2pm

I was originially planning on attending the Spring Involvement Fair because I was going to be sitting at the Red Cross Club booth. However, I was also looking forward to the Fair this semester because I was looking to sign up for volunteering at Altru this semester and you can only do it at either the fall or spring involvement fairs. While I was at the expo I had the opportunity to take a look around and check out all the booths. A lot of the booths dealt with the Greeks and their hopes of recruiting members. I did manage to sign up for volunteering at Altru as a volunteer in the Pediatric Therapy department. I am very much looking forward to starting. I also signed up to receive emails fromt he the Undergraduate Medical Association Club.
This activity was listed as a wild card activity, where you could pick your own dimension. I decided to pick Spiritual because this dimension was something that I knew would be hard for me to obtain. I guess I would say I am spiritual in the sense that I was baptised, comfirmed, and I do attend church here and there, but I would say I am less spiritual in the sense that when it comes to how God created Earth. I more so believe the science version and how we have evolved as human beings. At the this next fall’s Involvement Expo I am thinking that I might look for some bible study groups, so then I can here other people’s take on the situation.

H&W 7 Dimensions of Wellness

Dimension: Occupational

Date: March 2nd

The occupational wrist band was my last one out of the seven and I have to say it was my favorite by far. I set up a practice job interview at Career Services. I learned so much about how interviews are conducted and what questions will more than likely be asked. I learned tips on what to do and what not to do. I loved all the information I received because someday I will be applying to medical school and jobs and I know that I will need to know these kinds of things. I come from a small town so getting a job is requires no application process, so therefore I have never experienced an interview before. Now after practicing and learnig the in’s and out’s of an interview I think I would ready or less nervous for an actual interview.

P.S. Check out Carreer Services, they are AMAZING!! I love their info. on resumes.

Pursuit of Wellness – Eating Disorders

Dimension: Intellectual

Date: February 28th

Today I attended the bonus opportunity, in which I stopped by the Eating Disorders informational booth in the Memorial Union to learn about some facts on eating disorders. I personally am very happy with my body and LOVE eating food, so even though attending this booth was of no use to myself it was actually very informational because I have a friend with an eating disorder. It was really nice to read about the signs of how to recognize one. Hopefully with the new information I learned by attending this booth that I can maybe help her to recognize it herself.

“Revere the body and care for it, for it is a temple.” ~ Swami Muktananda
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