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With today’s visit to the North Dakota Museum of Art, I successfully completed ALL 7 Dimensions of Wellness!! Today, I visited the ‘Living Through Violence: The Oncebay Textile Family’ Photography and Textile Exhibition. I didn’t know anything about the exhibit (or Peru, for that matter). I learned a lot of history through the exhibit, and I feel as though I will remember what I learned a lot more in depth because the art really made you feel what was going on. Along with beautifully colorful rugs, there were black and white (as well as color) photographs and 1 sticks out very vividly in my mind: a boy held the Shining Path’s trademark flag and the caption of the picture explained that the boy (then 8) had been kidnapped while the rest of his family had been killed, and he was then enslaved by the Shining Path to be a messenger.

I really didn’t expect to feel any “emotion” during the exhibit, but the pictures were so powerful, it made you feel like you were in Peru during the violence. It was definitely a moving exhibit and displayed the violence of the area.



Culture Night, Social

Dimension: Social
Date: Feb 9
Activity: Attend Culture Night Series

I attended the Liberia Culture Night to obtain my Social Band last night. I didn’t eat the meal (had just eaten 😦  ) but I stayed for the presentation where they informed the audience about the environment, culture, food, and history of Liberia. The speakers were a bit hard to understand, but I ended up leaving being better informed of the African country and their culture. The food smelled SOOOO good it was a huge bummer that I wasn’t able to eat. Even though Liberia isn’t really known that much in our community, there were quite a few people there! I went with one of my friends, but since it was so packed, we ended up sitting with a few kids from the dorms that neither of us had met before. It was a relaxed atmosphere to meet new people, and even though I didn’t eat, I sat at a table with people who were in the presentation. I met a ton of new people! While Liberia was obviously a lot about the culture of Liberia, it was just as much as I giant friend mixer! Great way to meet new people!



Dimension: Environmental
Date: Sunday Feb 12
Activity: Obtain you CAB or CAT Crawler

Sunday was the day to earn your environmental band, and I went to the Student Gov office to try and obtain mine but, as I suspected, they are not open on Sundays. So I went back on Monday and finished out earning my 6th Green Environmental band. Yay!

I’ve heard about the Cab Crawler passes, but for some reason I thought you had to pay for them. Being as this year is when I turn 21, I thought it would be a good idea to get one in case I couldn’t find a ride home. It’s really cool that UND does these passes, because it shows their devotion to going green-and it’s very convenient to get. I’m glad I finally have my Cab Crawler pass because now when I carpool with friends in a cab, I know I’m helping reduce my Carbon Footprint! I’m very big on recycling, but I don’t do a lot with trying to carpool and stuff-not nearly enough as I should. Now with my cab crawler pass, I can get to one place with all my friends at the same time for a really cheap price. It was a smart and easy way to earn my green band!


I tried PIYO

Dimension: Physical
Date: Thursday, Feb 10
Activity: Attend a Group Exercise class at the Wellness Center

Possibly the most obvious wellness band was earned last Friday! I had a PXW class at 9 and was still dressed for a workout occasion, so I decided to earn my red WOW band as long as i was at it! I went to a class I’d never even HEARD of before-PiYo. A combination of Pilates and Yoga. Now, I hate yoga-do you hear me? I.HATE.YOGA. but I went. It sounded like a cool class, and you can’t diss it ’til you’ve tried it. First off, it KICKED MY….. (pardon my french) but it really did! It was a really fun workout, and the instructor was really good. I’d definitely do the class again….maybe this Friday, by the time I’ve recovered!!



When I grow up….
Monday- Feb 6

On Monday I successfully completed the ‘occupational’ goal for the Wellness Challenge.I went to the Union and visited the “When I Grow Up I Want to Be….” booth. I wrote down that I wanted to be a physical therapist, and work with people. I had just finished finalizing some things for my application to the PT program, so I was extra-pumped about my major when I visited the booth. Talking to the girl who was running the booth, I told her that I see myself helping people to feel better. I want to live in a nice place, with a great person, living my life and being happy and active. A lot of other people had written what they wanted to be when they grew up, and it was nice to see my contribution to the pile

(They didn’t have wristbands, which made me upset!!)



Dimension: Intellectual
Date: January 28th
Activity: Attend Winged Shadow Art Exhibit at the ND Museum of Art

I earned my second band (intellectual) by attending the Winged Shadow: Life Among Birds exhibit at the Museum of Art on Saturday. I had been to the museum before, but there’s always something new going on there. I had also just read a book on how art is “appreciated” by the brain, and what makes art appealing to people, so I tried to apply what I had learned to this exhibit.  I will definitely be visiting the Museum of Art again!


UND H/W Dimensions-Spiritual

Dimension: Spiritual
Activity: Contribute to “Before I Die” Project
Wednesday, January 25th

I earned my FIRST wristband today by going to the Student Involvement Office and writing my “Before I Die” goal on the blackboard made by STLF. I probably would have written on the wall either way because a good friend of mine is a Chapter Core member (and I know others as well), and I have also traveled with STLF to New Orleans and Chicago for tours! (Both were AWESOME.)

I have a long bucket list, but 2 I have wanted to do the most. I was trying to decide which one to put, and then I saw that someone had put ‘Ride in a Hot Air Balloon’ (which was one) so I just wrote “x2” next to it, and posted my ALL-TIME goal: ‘To be an extra in a movie’. As I was leaving, a friend of mine told me he had watched what I wrote, and told me how his grandfather was an extra in Jaws! TOO COOL! It was really interesting to see what other people wrote, and a lot of people had the same goals…Maybe we could carpool…..


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