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Alice’s Intellectual Pursuit of Wellness @ UND Museum

Dimension: Intellectual
Date: Saturday, Jan 28

I went to the ND Museum of Art and saw the “Winged Shadows Life Among Birds” exhibit.  Me and my family went to check it out because my boyfriend is into nature and especially birds.  But it was not at all what I expected.  I thought the museum was on the smaller side.  I assumed it was bigger.  Nonetheless, it was very nice inside.  Another thing I was bummed about was that it did not feature the eagle or falcon, the two birds my boyfriend likes the most.  But no big deal, we took our time in looking at all of the art and we really enjoyed.  I loved loved loved the canvas paintings.  My daughter enjoyed it too, trying to run around but she kept us on our toes.  🙂


My Occupational pursuit2wellness

Event:  Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals Information Meeting

I attended the GGFYP info. meeting yesterday at the Wellness.  I was the only person at that particular meeting so I got some good one on one time.  Even though I do not plan to continue to live in Grand Forks post-college, it was still very informational and something that I am still looking into becoming a part of.  GGFYP is geared towards the younger working generation with many options for anyone to be apart of and I definitely recommend that people learn more about it!  As for me, I have not yet made up my mind whether or not I will join the GGFYP due to time restrictions.  There is no requirement to attend a certain # of meetings or anything like that but I am the type of individual who wants to be there and be apart of everything and know what is going on.  So I still have some pondering to do.  But ending on a final note:  It is enlightening to do things outside of your comfort zone because you never know what you may find out about others and most of all, yourself. 

Alice’s Emotional Pursuit To Wellness

January 19, 2012 ~ Emotional Pursuit to Wellness


My name is Alice Taylor and I have started my Pursuit to Wellness today.  I chose to complete the online mental health screening and turn it into the H&W office in the Union.  Surprisingly, I was very optimistic before I completed the screening but when I got my results I was confused.  The results page had, written at the top of the page, Bipolar Disorder.  As I read on it said that my responses are NOT consistent with someone who is Bi-polar and if I needed counseling services to contact the counseling office at UND (I would do later that day).  That threw me for a loop but I decided to stay optimistic and move on.  I chose to contact the counseling office due to some stressors I have in my life right now with the hopes of finding better ways to combat the stressors.  What a coincidence!  On a final note:  Altru’s Pursuit of Wellness gave me the push to do what I have been pondering the past few weeks (contacting counseling services).  I have learned to try new things and not be afraid.  You never know what you may find.

~ Alice Taylor

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