KNOW the Facts

Know the Facts


Many of you have probably heard lots of stories about your fellow students getting so drunk and intoxicated at a party that they could barely stand. Or maybe you have heard stories of how someone drank a whole case of  beer and barely had a hangover the next day. Although these stories can be entertaining, there may be only a little bit of truth to them.

A survey was sent out to UND students asking them if they binge drank within the past fourteen days. Surprisingly, 2 out of 3 UND students said that they did NOT binge drink. This statistic shows that although we hear a lot of stories about raging parties where everyone is drinking, not that many students actually engage in binge drinking.

To most students, this fact is super encouraging. Often we hear sayings like, “Come on, everyone is doing it!” and, “You don’t want to be the only one missing out on a great time.” But the reality is that everyone is not doing it when it comes to binge drinking. Now that you know this fact, use it to your advantage and add it to your knowledge for the next time that you feel pressured to drink when you really don’t want to.

Here are some excuses to use when you are feeling pressured to drink:

• Simply say, “No thanks.”
• “I’d like to…but I’m cutting back on alcohol this month.”
• “I’m the designated driver tonight so I won’t be drinking.”
• Give a reason why drinking (especially excessive drinking) is a bad idea
• Make a joke
• Suggest a different activity
• Leave the scene

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