Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND

It’s another chilly day in the neighborhood. The movie of the week Endless Love a movie perfect for Valentine’s day. This romantic flick will put you in the mood for Feb.14 and just might give you some tips to spice up the day.
Since Valentine’s day is coming up I thought I would share this little poem with you all
This one goes out to all you lovers out there–

“Love. What is love? What is the not of the not that we be not of?”

This Valentine’s day I want you to go out there find that special someone, hold them by the hand and tell them how you really feel because you never want to spend the rest of your life thinking what could have been.
Personal story:  Two years ago I was dining in a fine restaurant right here in Grand Forks and the waiter asked me what kind of pie I wanted for dessert–I hesitated for a moment “apple” I said, the waiter said “excellent choice!” he wrote it down and slowly walked away. Then all of a sudden I stood up and yelled no wait “cherry, cherry!” but it was too late.  To this day I always think about the pie that got away.

Have a great day everybody.


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