You CAN curb running ailments!

Need an improvement in your running or cycling performance, I know I do. Strength training with heavy or explosive movements will help improve your performance. People can’t forget about the importance of strength training because many endurance athletes avoid this type of training due to long recovery time, muscle soreness, and fatigue. runner1However, it can definitely impact your overall fitness and improve areas of your body that don’t get much toning from running or cycling. Your legs may be in amazing shape, but adding strength training for your arms, shoulders, chest, and core can help balance out your body.

I enjoy running but the past three years I’ve been having runners knee. Runner’s knee is inflammation of the underside of the patella (knee). I didn’t know back then that strength training would help with my knee problems, but it does. Since I started strength training a few years ago I now have zero or low knee pain because I have incorporated strength training into my work out three times a week and I can enjoy running again. Strength training is important in an exercise routine because it helps improve your performance and helps build the stamina and strength for muscles and ligaments for running or cycling (as well as other aerobic exercises).icingknee

— Kelsey Olson, FLEX Intern UND Wellness Center


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