How to Have a Healthier Halloween!

Halloween is known as day to dress up in a costume and go house to house collecting candy. Halloween doesn’t just have to be all about candy and dressing up.Candy is filled with sugar and saturated fats. One way to avoid all this sugar and fat is to have a healthier Halloween, that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate all the candy either! Here are some tricks and tips on how to have a healthier Halloween.

1. Set a limit on how many pieces of candy you can have each day.

2. Showcase fruits and veggies; make them look Halloween themed like shown below.

3. Handout non-sugary foods and toys like; temporary tattoos, crayons, stickers and spider rings

4. Replace candy with better choices like, trail mix, pretzels, string cheese, crackers, fruit cups in 100% juice, and sugarless gum.

5. Buy candy you don’t love, so you don’t eat all the left over candy.

carrot halloweenhalloween strawberriesbananas and oranges halloweenbean dip halloween catdeviled eggshalloween carrot pumpkinorange halloweenhalloween fruit cup


For healthy Halloween recipes check out these sites:—Celebration-Recipes/Halloween-Recipes/Healthy-Halloween

For more healthy treats to hand out; check out these sites:





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