because we’re ALL human, and life is weird

My social media outlets have gotten so loud.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that I’m getting older and my peers are starting to be involved in issues greater than “what outfit should I wear on picture day” and “I sure hope it’s square pizza day at school.” As we begin to graduate and enter the workforce, get married and start families, establish life in new places and take bigger adventures… life seems to get more complicated.

At my old job, I often spoke about cyberbullying. And I see it. All.The.Time. Can we all just agree to stop the nonsense and be a part of a positive change of pace? I’m not going to sit here, point fingers and tell you why a certain person or belief system is right or wrong… rather, I’m going to simply ask that before you post something, would you please take an extra moment to think: Would you say this to someone’s face? It’s easy to say things when you’re separated by cyberspace… but people are still human- with feelings, emotions, reputations, families, and lives outside of the Internet. 

If you are able and willing, I’d like to pose an “Emotional Wellness” dimension challenge:
For the next week, make a point to encourage your peers. Share positive things that will bring a smile to someone’s face. Use your social media outlets as platforms to spread peace. What do you think; join me?


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I empower women to overcome food obsessions with sensible solutions based on personal experience.

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