Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND!  Looking like another nice day today 78 cloudy with a chance of rain. Tune in tonight and watch the first game of the Stanley Cup as the Chicago Blacks Hawks vs Boston Bruins. The movie of the week [Super Man] Yes the man of steel is back on the big screen.

A little Super Man history:
* Did you know the first Super Man character in 1933 was not a hero but a villain?


* By the time the United States had entered World War II, Superman had inspired a boom in the

* Super Man first appeared in Action Comics 1938. Comic book industry and had engendered the new genre of the “superheroes” (although, controversy still exists over whether Superman can be considered the first superhero), which by then had included Batman, Captain America, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Captain Marvel, Robin, The Flash, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman.

Last week my sister and I were playing soccer in the house we broke a lamp I told her I’ll give her $10 to take the blame. Later that night she tells everyone how I bribed her, my mom says I can’t believe you bribed your own sister to take the fall, I said come on mom isn’t bribe just another word for love?

Have a nice day everybody.


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