Running With Lynn Show

Good morning UND finally very sunny looking like a wonderful day. The big three-day weekend is coming up I hope everyone has some fun plans if not don’t worry I have a great idea go and see a movie. the movies of the weekend [Star Track Into Darkness], [Iron Man III], [Oblivion], [The Hangover part III], and last but not least a classic story written a long time ago in a galaxy fare away? no not Star Wars [The Great Gatsby] come on down! you’re the number one movie on the Running with Lynn Show! yeaaaaaaaaaaaa! this summer everyone is going to be traveling a lot but let me give you a little advice don’t let your worlds collide? I give you the {Worlds Theory} every one knows you have to keep your worlds apart for example I have a world in the town of Rugby and I have a world in Grand Forks if those two worlds come together things could blow up!
Have a good day everybody.


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