7 tips to Save Money and Eat Well

Looking for ways to save money and still eat well?  Check out these seven tips to make sure that you are making the most of your money while still finding healthy options to put on your plate.

7. Eat before shopping.

Everything looks good when your stomach is empty, which can lead to impulse buying.  So eat a snack, lunch or dinner before grocery shopping to prevent those unnecessary buys.

6. Grow your own garden

Seed packets can cost anywhere from $.69 where other veggies, herbs, and fruit may cost anywhere from $.89-$2.49 LB. This is a great and easy alternative that many people should start taking advantage of.

5. Buy on Sale

Save on staples when they are on sale. Such as olive oil, seasonings, pasta, and canned beans, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, tooth paste, deodorant and printer ink. These are all items that never expire, or have quite a lengthy shelf life.

4. Plan your menus for the week!

Plan lunches, eat leftovers, and find new ways to make fun healthy leftovers more appealing. For example, try making meat loaf one night for dinner- fairly inexpensive and easy to make. The next day you can have a meat loaf sandwhich, hot or cold and easy to quick make in the mornings on your way to work.

3. Eat out less.

Reducing your meals out 1-2 times per week can save you $15-$25 per week. The average American spends 49% of their savings out at restaurants.

2.  Shop wisely.

Discount stores such as Costco or Sam’s club, and your local farmer’s market.

Remember the 3 P’s- Plan, Purchase and Prepare food on a budget! Set aside a budget and only shop with cash then you won’t over spend.  Shop no more than once a week for groceries.

1. Make something each week.

A few dozen cookies, loaf of bread, or a batch of muffins. This will help get you in the habit of cooking more from scratch. When in reality muffins at Starbuck’s can cost over $2 and an entire batch of muffins averaging about 32 muffins could cost you around $4-$8 costing about $.19 a muffin if your recipe cost you about $6! Take inexpensive recipes and double it for example: soup. Then on a night when you are really crunched for time, or for an easy lunch, you have a healthy meal.


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