Yes, You are a Leader

You are a Leader.

What… you don’t like to stand in front of a crowd while dancing and singing?
Big whoop. You’re still a Leader.

You have a circle of influence; likewise, you are in someone else’s circle of influence.

During my years as a ND 4-H Ambassador, I learned an important lesson: some of our group’s best leaders were those who preferred to stand behind the machine that was casting the spotlight.

Too often I think we associate Leadership with the act of being up in front of a group, but that is not necessarily the case. And in order to be successful, we need variety.

In today’s workforce, it has become more important than ever to increase your portfolio, knowledge, and experience. The more that you are able to bring to the table, the easier it may be to find a job after graduation.

One of our main focuses within the Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals is Professional Development. We want to help our members become the best versions of themselves, and one of the ways we do this is by offering a one day Leadership Development Seminar called Chick-Fil-A Leadercast.

CFAL_Host_Grand Forks_FullColor

This is an internationally-known simulcast that takes place in Atlanta, and allows people like you or me to listen to outstanding leaders without having to leave the city.

We recently found out we have access to FREE student tickets… this is an $85.00 value!
If you’re interested, please email me (

You can learn more about Leadercast by visiting our website:

This year the theme is “Simply Lead,” and I can’t WAIT to see you there!

Leadercast2013 slider


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