Active vs. Passive Reading

Dimension: Intellectual
Activity: Reading for academic success at the Student Success Center
Date: 2/25 9-3

Before attending this event I was a little apprehensive because I had no idea what this event would be about. I had thought maybe we had to read something, but I was curious if we had to read to someone or what we had to do. When I arrived the lady gave me a small paragraph to read.

It was about a procedure where you arrange items into different groups. Then, it when on to explain about facilities needed and that it is important to not overdo things. It said that at first the whole procedure will seem complicated, but soon after it will become just another facet of life. After the procedure is completed you arrange the items into groups again and eventually you will have to complete the whole cycle one again.

After I finished reading the lady asked me what the paragraph was about and I honestly couldn’t tell her. The paragraph didn’t give any evidence to what these items were, or at least I didn’t think it did. I tried to guess but I was completely wrong and then she told me it was about laundry. After she told me that it all made sense then. She explained to me that I was reading as a passive reader. Passive readers are not in control of their reading. A common passive reading experience is to “wake up” in the middle of a paragraph, wondering what you just read.

Active readers on the other hand, control the process of reading. After she informed me of this I realized that this situation has happened to me quite a bit. If I am not interested while reading I often finish and wonder what the heck I just read. The lady introduced me into the P2R Reading System that tells you to Preview, Read Actively, and Review. These are steps that can help you actively read. They are definitely something I am going to put to use.


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