Recycling at UND

Activity: Recycle Today!  Keep track of the plastic bottle tops to see how many bottles were saved from the land fill! (Bring Bottle tops into HUB)

Sunday, February 17th

Even though this event was on Sunday, the Health & Wellness HUB in the union is only open weekdays 8am-4:30pm at Memorial Union. To receive the WOW you had to bring in bottle tops of bottles you recycled.  Since I use a water bottle I brought in bottle tops that weren’t as healthy as I would like (coca cola) that I have from time to time especially during busy exam weeks.  I really do enjoy how much the university has recycling containers, especially the big one they have outside of my apartment.  This really encourages me to recycle as it’s so much easier than how it was in Wyoming by having to separate everything out and break everything down.  It was also pretty cool to check out the H&W HUB as I am a physical therapy student and it’s nice to know there are additional health related resources.

DONE WITH 7 EVENTS!  I definitely want to check out meditation next week as I’m sure I’ll need a chance to clear my mind since I have quite a few exams.


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