Sandra Short presents “Couponing: A Contribution to Financial Wellness” Feb. 20

The Dean of the College of Education and Human Development invites the campus community to the next Deans for Wellness Initiative lecture on financial wellness.

Sandra Short, Physical Education, Exercise Science and Wellness, present “Couponing: A Contribution to Financial Wellness” on Wednesday, Feb. 20, from noon to 12:50 p.m. in 113 Education Building.

Mark your calendars from 12-12:50pm at the Education Building, Room 113, to attend all of the Wednesday lectures:

March 20:  Tanis Hastmann, “Obesity Prevention: Individual to Community, and Beyond” April 10: Sarah Edwards, “Lifelong Mental Well-Being” May 1: Lars Helgeson, “The Effects of Stress and Stress Reduction”

Please bring your lunch, do some physical movement and enjoy!


About und7d

The University of North Dakota Health & Wellness Unit has built their foundation on 7 Dimensions of Wellness: Physical, Social, Emotional, Environmental, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Occupational.

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