Slavery by Another Name

Activity: Film screening: Slavery by another name

Date: Feb 10

Dimension: Intellectual

The documentary “Slavery by Another Name” is a very empowering review on our history in regards to slavery. Slavery was a way of life in which African Americans had to endure. The depth of poverty, the inability for African Americans to know education, and how the American dream was stolen from southerners during this time was absolutely disgraceful.

Many southerners grew up knowing about slavery and having to personally deal with this on a day to day basis. Freedom is something that a lot of us take for granted today. Everyone deserves to have freedom and many people were born into slavery and knew nothing else. Freedom should be available for everyone in this country because it is a person’s right. Everyone is equal, not one single ethnicity better than any other. Although this is the way it should be, this was not the way it was thought of only decades ago. Slaves were hard-working, honest people who did not deserve to be put through these traumatic experiences.

This documentary is a very sad truth about our history. Not only does it show the horrible values of whites back then, but it shows how the African Americans had to suffer through the work that whites would put on them. I hope our future never in any way repeats this horrendous past and we learn from our mistakes: everyone is equal and should be treated that way, always.


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Hellooo! I am Katy and I love to hip-hop dance, travel, listen to reggaeton, and be CRAZY. Life is too short to not live it up, so why not have a positive outlook and make the best out of every situation? Don't wait for the sunshine, learn to dance in the rain! Every experience, good or bad, is never a waste for it presents an opportunity to learn something about ourselves. LIVE LAUGH LOVE "Happiness is not a goal, it is a by-product" --Eleanor Roosevelt God bless :)

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