Time Management

How many of you feel that there are never enough hours in a day to get everything done? How many of you have so much on your plate that it’s nearly impossible to do everything?

Being a college student can be extremely exhausting. It takes a lot of time, energy, motivation, and dedication to do all what we do! You might not only attend classes, but also have a job, be on a sports team, engage in other recreational activities, or just want some form of social life. Stress in a common result of all these demands.

But there is hope for us all! Want to know the secret to preventing the stress from happening and to feel like there is more time in the day?? Time management is the key!

Being good at time management means that you are able to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day so you can effectively accomplish your goals. We all have the same amount of hours in a week but not all of us know how to manage them. By learning the trick of time management, you will be able to:

1) Accomplish even more than you do now and feel really good about yourself! 2) Have more free time because you will get things done quicker; 3) Have less stress by doing everything you need to do and not feel overwhelmed; 4) Lead a more balanced life because you’re not so stressed; and 5) Meet your deadlines more efficiently.

Doesn’t this sound appealing? If your answer is “yes”, there are some tips on how you can do it:

  • Identify time wasters (e.g. watching T.V., texting, other technology) and choose those that you can eliminate. The ones you can’t get rid of, reward yourself with.
  •  Anticipate when you can take action to avoid impossible situations when you feel cramped and unproductive (e.g. do not wait until the last minute to study for a test or write a paper).
  •  Plan your day. Keeping a schedule of what needs to be done will help you stay on track. It will also create a sense of accomplishment when you check off what you’ve done.
  •  Break it down. With planning, write down smaller goals or steps that it will take to accomplish what you have set up for the day. Starting with bigger tasks can be overwhelming.
  • Pay attention to your attention! Being able to recognize when you lose focus or procrastinate can help you to be in control more and develop steps on how to get back on track.

Source: “Time Management” workbook created by Mayland Community College, 1996.


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