Seven Dimensions of Wellness: Spiritual

The Zen Den


January 27th

When I heard about the Zen Den I was unsure about what it was, where it was in the Wellness Center, and how this could positively impact my stress on a spiritual level. But after I went into the Zen Den and tried it out I found it to be an enlightening experience. I went to the Zen Den on January 27,  2013 and first I sat in the massage chair. This really relieved stress as I was able to relax and clear my mind. The room had a dim light setting which really worked well with relaxing me and setting up a great atmosphere.

After a 15 minute massage from head to toe I decided to stretch out, since I would be going to workout upstairs afterwards. When I got off the massage chair to stretch I looked straight ahead of me and saw these pamphlets on Time Management and stress relief and decided to read one while stretching.I learned a lot about how I can drastically improve my time management skills, which definitely need to be worked on. While sitting there I also realized that it would be a great place to come back to again to clear my mind and spiritually enrich my being. This was a wonderful way to just relax and overall I was very impressed with how well I felt, not just physically but mentally after being revitalized by the setting of the Zen Den.


About hiphoplocaa

Hellooo! I am Katy and I love to hip-hop dance, travel, listen to reggaeton, and be CRAZY. Life is too short to not live it up, so why not have a positive outlook and make the best out of every situation? Don't wait for the sunshine, learn to dance in the rain! Every experience, good or bad, is never a waste for it presents an opportunity to learn something about ourselves. LIVE LAUGH LOVE "Happiness is not a goal, it is a by-product" --Eleanor Roosevelt God bless :)

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