Dimension: Physical

Activity: have your blood pressure checked at the Wellness Hub.

January 15, 2013

After my 8:00AM stats class (that is enough to raise your blood pressure), I walked to the Wellness Hub to get my blood pressure checked. The kind lady at the hub showed me how to use the blood pressure machine, and she said that I could use it any time. I was embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t really sure what was considered a normal blood pressure reading. She patiently explained.

It turned out that my blood pressure was slightly elevated. The kind lady said that it could be that it was a little high, because I had just completed a brisk penguin walk on the ice outside. I will certainly go back to the Hub to get another look at my blood pressure.

I have been a special education teacher for many years. One morning before school, a school district nurse was giving blood pressure checks. She said that she was concerned that my blood pressure was elevated. I was surprised, because I am a runner, and I exercise regularly. The same afternoon, I went to the dentist, and my blood pressure was taken again. The hygienist said that my blood pressure was fine. I feel that my blood pressure was elevated in the morning, because it is stressful to get ready for students with behavior challenges at the beginning of the day. You are not sure what will happen.

Again, I am glad that I am more educated about blood pressure, and I intend to watch mine more closely.


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