Dimension: Emotional

Activity: Complete online health screening

Monday, January 14 th at 4:15 pm

With a new semester and new classes beginning  I was feeling a little stressed out. The online health screening is through the University Counseling Center and it is a completely anonymous survey. the survey consists of  about 25 question- most of the questions are yes no questions. The other questions ask you to describe your previous health history and mental health history through a series of questions. At the end of the five sections, the survey gives you a possible cause to your symptoms. In addition to telling you about any possible condition it gives you resources and helpful solutions to the problem.  While doing this survey I had to carefully analyze my own feelings and behavior and in doing so I became more aware of my own behavior and how some things caused me stress. I think by taking this survey I am much more aware of the things that cause me stress or cause me to get angry. The tools that the UCC website provided will help me to better manage my stress which will ultimately allow me to preform better in my academics. I have already begun using several of the tips that the survey suggested and I have found that I am more focused when doing my homework.


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