Blood Pressure Check

Tuesday, January 15

The activity was to get your blood pressure checked at the Health and Wellness Hub. Checking your blood pressure takes less than five minutes and it can easily be done in between classes. The machine that calculates your blood pressure is very easy to use and to read the results. You simply slip the blood pressure cuff over your arm and hit start. I had a general idea  what a “normal” blood pressure is but I did not know exactly what my blood pressure was. After I measured my blood pressure I was relieved to know that my blood pressure was well within the “normal” range. I really liked that they had tips on lowering your blood pressure if you were above the normal range.  I will try to incorporate some of the tips into my daily life to make sure I stay within the normal range. I think by being able to keep my blood pressure in the normal range will help me to be healthier overall. when I don’t feel well I am less likely to preform at my best so maintaining every aspect of my health is important for my academic success.


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