Running with Lynn Show

Good morning UND it’s looking like another nice day today, a high of 80 slight winds a chance of showers.

Today on the show we have a spacial guest Pat Hendrickson, Pat is a current UND student and works here right at the Wellness Center

Lynn: Pat. welcome to the show

Pat:  It’s great to be here Lynn

Lynn:  Pat todays topic Major League Baseball. Pat I understand you are a Chicago Wight Sox’s fan.

Pat: yes Lynn that’s correct, go Soxs

Lynn: Pat almost all of North Dakotans are Mn. Twins fans, im sure you get a lot of boos and hisses, how does that make you feel?

Pat: Well Lynn you just go out there every day and give it 110% you play good, you want to play good, i think we played pretty good today.

Lynn: Pat, I noticed when the players take the field they are wearing black soxs not white soxs, so shouldnt the team be called the Chicago Black Soxs?

Pat: That’s interesting

Lynn: Pat, I was talking to some of the players and they tell me they ware polyester uniforms, I think they would prefer cotton, because you see cotton is a national fiber, imagine your team playing in 90 degree weather they are cooler, the are happier, they’re going to play better

Pat:  you may have something here Lynn

Lynn:  and that it for todays show next week- People who shave their pets!


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