TGIF- an alcohol slogan?!?!

i presented today on alcohol and other drugs, cause, well, that’s what i get to do at work šŸ™‚ anyway, Jim Murphy, he’s an awesome guy who works in the counselor’s center here on campus, went after me about the stuff he does and it was great. he had everyone laughing within minutes. he has a background in the business so he gets things like the alcohol industry really well. he said that the tobacco industry is his favorite because they sell people something that kills you. and they sell a lot of it! it’s crazy to think about it that way, especially because we know that it is true. the alcohol industry really functions in the same way. they know that they need to get college students to buy alcohol because that’s when habits and such form. it’s also when we are at the state, developmentally, that goes hand in hand with drinking. so they do everything they can to market alcohol to people under 21. and it works! they make it seem normal. i have nothing to do, what should i do? drink! it’s the weekend, what should i do? drink! i just worked really hard, what should i do? drink! it’s time to celebrate, how should we celebrate? drink! there is not reason why to any of these things, it all just boils right down to the fact that alcohol industries make us think that drinking is the only think to do when we’re bored, on the weekend, after we’ve worked hard or to celebrate. that’s it.

so get this, you know TGIF (Thank God/Goodness Its Friday)? it turns out that the alcohol industry started it! it was all this big marketing campaign that they did! they had people believing that drinking on the weekends is something normal that every does (or should do). but here’s the catch, the weekend was just saturday and sunday… that leaves one afternoon or night of drinking and that’s it. if the weekend starts right away on friday when everyone gets off of work, that’s another night of drinking! which means that’s a whole heck of a lot more of their product being purchased aka MORE MONEY! it was so successful that today all we know is that the weekend starts whenever your work or school or training ends on friday. in fact, there even used to be a series of tv shows strung together as a part of TGIF- the tv industry wanted in too! (that and Boy Meets Girl was a totally awesome tv show!). but where did all of that leave us?

does anyone out there think we shouldn’t have classes on fridays? (i’m assuming many will say yes) okay, why not? so that we can drink thursday nights! it is thirsty thursdays, after all! and now we have wasted wednesdays and tosted tuesdays…sober sunday….where does it end? oh wait…it never did. every day of the week is taken now. holy crap, alcohol industry, you have done one heck of a good job manipulating us!


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