Together in Boise

Top row (left to right): Sophia Borgen: cousin (Boise, Idaho), Sarah Borgen: me (Grand Forks, North Dakota), Zachiory McCann: brother (Wasilla, Alaska), Darby McCann: cousin (Portland, Oregon), Bottom left: Riley McCann: cousin (Portland, Oregon), Not pictured: Chuck McCann: brother (Wasilla, Alaska).

The last week and a half is one that I will never forget. My cousins, brothers and I are getting older, to the point where we know this may be the last time we are all together again. College, future careers and families will complicate our get-togethers.  We all live far away from each other. If it were not for my grandmother, we might not have even met or had such tight friendships.

The cousins, brothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and I rendezvous in Boise, Idaho. We spent three nights at the Owyhee Plaza Hotel. During our stay we enjoyed dunking one another in the pool, jumping on the beds, eating new foods, going to art co-ops, learning from the Basque museum, playing monopoly and clue.

Tears were in everyone’s eyes as we were saying our good-byes. I headed out on a two-day drive back to Grand Forks. The rest of the gang, except Sophia who lives in Boise, headed out to Oregon. We may be going in different directions, but we will always be together in our hearts.


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  1. This is very touching Sarah ❤ I just googled myself and the image of all of us popped up and I wanted to see why it was up but Im glad it is. I love that you shared our experience but don't say it will be the last time we come together. Im sure when we are all old we will host thanksgiving for each other.
    I love you,

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