more about the guy who ate another guy’s face

so i saw that there is this new article  that came out with more information about the guy who ate someone’s face. guess the one who got eaten was a homeless man who was dozing off in the shade when this guy on drugs found him. apparently he attacked him in this “ghoulish, drawn-out assault in plain view on a city sidewalk.”

can you imagine what it would be like to walk down the sidewalk and all of a sudden run across oh, a naked guy eating someone else’s face?! i’m not sure what i would do. i’d probably want to kick the guy, yet puke at the same time…

the cops, when they found him, ended up having to shoot him which is how he died. but get this, now that they tested for what drugs and whatever was in his body, he wasn’t even on bath salts! they thought that he probably was because his psychotic behavior was just like other people who have been on bath salts in the US. i guess he took some pills, or that’s what they think, cause they kinda found some in his stomach, but what they know for sure is that he had done marijuana.

it’s crazy! i know people who think pot isn’t a big deal, “oh, i can’t overdose on it” but look at this guy! i’ve heard that smoking pot leaves a lot more tar and junk in your lungs than cigarettes do, and we already know that causes cancer, but this article said that marijuana is known to spark violence. i had no clue.

when i think of people who are stoned on pot i assumed they’re munching away on chips, totally relaxed, and just hanging out. i didn’t know that it sparks violence and who would have guessed that it could end up causing something like this! i mean i know that they are saying it still is a bit odd and there are still some unknowns, but who knows, maybe marijuana is what caused this guy to unhinge and naw on some dude’s face!

i wonder if he lived, the guy who was attacked. i cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to be attacked like that. or to have chunks of your face bitten off….man. i’m gonna pray for him. and i know one thing, i’m passing this on and staying away from all that crap! if you ask me, getting high on drugs is not worth chewing off someone’s face!


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  1. okay, this is getting ridiculous. i thought a guy eating another guys face was where it was going to stop! now i read this article ( that a guy on K-2 (the synthetic marijuana stuff) ate his dog while it was still alive!

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