Cookin’ with the Kiddos at the Culinary Corner

Mealtime with kids is usually a challenge for parents everywhere – how do you get them to eat some nutritious broccoli when all they want is a Happy Meal? Well, today’s your lucky day because researchers from the University of Alberta have found you a solution: play dress up and turn them in to a mini chef! That’s right, gathering your children in the kitchen to help with preparing meals will result in healthier eating habits. According to the university’s survey of fifth graders in Alberta, doing this will make your kids choose healthier fruits and vegetables over bad-for-you junk food.

Little ones love to feel grown up and helping in the kitchen definitely does the trick. Being around healthy fruits and vegetables and incorporating them into a nutritious home-cooked meal means that kids will actually enjoy the process. As a result, they will begin to like fruits and vegetables and soon enough, they will ditch the burgers and cookies in favor of apples and carrots.

To help you get started, the Culinary Corner (located in the Wellness Center) is hosting “Cooking with the Kiddos”, a series of classes held Tuesdays in July. At just $5 per kiddo, and parents getting in free, this class offers an excellent chance for family time while teaching your children the importance of healthy eating. Attend three classes and get the fourth class FREE!

To register, go to


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