Work Well June 18th Update

UND has received the American Heart Association Fit Friendly Company Platinum award 4 times and to receive it again for 2011-2012, we need to get 50% of staff and faculty to participate in one activity.2012 Natl employee health and fitness

We only have until June 30th to get 150 new employees or employees who have not completed a worksite wellness activity in the past year (July 2011 – June 2012) to do something quickly! I am willing to meet up with small groups to explain Work Well programs or provide a quick 10 minute stretch group between now and then.

Let’s get this Fit Friendly Company award again and keep advancing our culture of wellness!

NEW RESEARCH STUDY: Life In All Seasons (LENAS) study
Participate in a new research study at the Human Nutrition Research Center. Earn up to $1200! For women 40-60 years of age.
Volunteers needed by the end of the month!

Join us in a year-long observational study of mood, stress level, sleep, eating, health and activity behaviors and body weight
over four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter)

What do I need to do?
• Two center visits each season
• Wear physical activity and heart rate monitors for 7 days during each of the 4 seasons
• Rest of the year
o Monthly center visits
o Complete dietary recalls on the computer from your home 3 times each month

Who can participate?
• women 40 – 60 years of age
• Normal body weight –overweight (Body mass index (BMI) between 18-35 kg/m2)
• Access to high-speed internet

For more information visit our website , call  701-795-8385 , or email:

Our summer begins on Weds., June 20th! Be safe in the sun with hydration and sun-block!


About und7d

The University of North Dakota Health & Wellness Unit has built their foundation on 7 Dimensions of Wellness: Physical, Social, Emotional, Environmental, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Occupational.

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