“The sky is falling! The sky is fall- wait a minute…show me the facts!”

“Chicken Little was in the woods. A seed fell on his tail. Chicken Little said, “The sky is falling I will run”. http://www.worldstory.net/en/stories/chicken_little.htmlChicken Little met Henny Penny. He said, “The sky is falling, Henny Penny.” Henny Penny said, “How do you know, Chicken Little?” Chicken Little said, “Some of it fell on my tail.” “We will run” said Henny Penny.” – English Folk Tale

We have all heard the story of Chicken Little and his falling sky, the pandemonium that he caused, and either the Disney outcome where he learned the errors of his ways, or the actual story’s ending where he and the whole gang ended up being Foxy Loxy’s dinner.

I didn’t know it then, but this story has been one of the most valuable stories in my life. After being read this story, and being the brilliant and imaginative children that my sister and I were (and still are!), we wanted to act out the story on our puppet show stage. And, naturally, we fought over who got to be Chicken Little and who had to be one of the other characters. Looking back, the star of the story shouldn’t be Chicken Little, but instead it should be Foxy Loxy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Foxy Loxy?! The one who outsmarted them all, the one who didn’t fall for gossip, the one who knew the facts!

Media has evolved to outstanding levels and has an enormous role in today’s society. It has been known to bring fame (Ahem…Bieber Fever started with his own YouTube post!), start trends (my grandmother can’t believe we want to wear the old vintage 50’s dresses in public, you know, the ones she saved for playing dress up.), and it has been able destroy empires (“I did NOT have sexual relations with that women” – President Clinton). As of recently, I have come across a couple of ‘fads’ in the media myself that scare me. One story brought almost instant panic and outrage to the food industry, “pink slime” (enter scary music here) and the other is a recent new diet therapy called the K.E. diet.

Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s results are amazing, it has the ability to shed unbelievable amounts of fat, help you fit into your wedding gown in just 10 days, is doctor approved (scary!), and all you have to do is be fed through a tube! With this latest diet blowing up media outlets I can’t help but think,”Where have all the Foxy Loxys gone?” Foxy Loxy didn’t join the caravan of panickers that Chicken Little led, he saw an opportunity. Now, our opportunity and Foxy Loxy’s opportunity are completely different except for one thing – survival. Our survival depends on us learning new things, adapting to situations, and making our own conclusions based on facts. Before joining the crowd, dig around, find the facts!

“Does it really work?” – Technically, yes. It does help you lose weight fast. “Is losing 20 pounds in 10 days healthy for our bodies?” – No.Our body needs certain amount of calories just to survive. “Is going from roughly 3,000 calories a day down to 800 calories per day natural for our bodies?” – No, again, you need to find out how much calories your body needs. This number is your survival amount, and the amount you need to consume to be healthy…not just skinny. “So, you’re saying this could be the same as starving our bodies?” – Yes! “What are you being fed?” – Protein, fat, and water. No fiber. No vegetable. No fruits. No dairy. All essential for proper vitamins and minerals for your body. Oh, and how could I forget no carbs! “Do Carbs play an important role in our body, they must not, otherwise they wouldn’t be eliminated?” -Ah, now you are asking the right questions! Carbs help our body get its energy form – glucose. Glucose can be stored as glycogen and when our body is lacking energy, it can use glycogen. This diet says you lose weight/fat because it starts ketosis. “What is Ketosis?” – Even better question! Ketosis is our body’s way of surviving during starvation. Our body, when it hits a level of starvation (glycogen and glucose are all used up), starts sparing vital protein (think heart, liver, and lung muscle. Not just the “guns” muscles) and starts using our fat stores to make ketone bodies for our brain to function. It is our body’s last ditch effort to stay alive without using important muscle tissues (if your body began breaking down your heart and liver, you know the consequences). “But, I thought a doctor came up with this diet? Doesn’t that make it OK?” – Here is where most people can get hung up. Do your research on the founder/creator! What are their credentials? Do they have a nutrition background or education, how long have then been practicing? Are other companies promoting the idea? What do other doctors/health-care professionals think? Is the company making money? Are they playing on a certain population or trend? These are all question that should be asked and answered. The fact is Americans want to lose weight an easy way, and we all know women have one day they want to look their best, no mater what. The K.E. diet plays into these two ideas.

I have done my research, and have enough nutritional education to know this is not okay and not even close to being healthy. But, have you? Have your friends? Has your future wife? If not…do it. Look for reputable sources (websites that end in .org or .edu are a good start) and look up the scientific words and learn what they mean. Call around to trusted health care professionals, and here is my little plug….if it has to do with food, diets, or anything nutritional, find a dietitian or a licensed nutritionist. After all, they did go to school to study how food works and how it works in our body!

To me, the creator of the K.E. diet is a Foxy Loxy too, he saw an opportunity and acted on it. And we all know the oldest trick in the book on how to beat your opponent. You must think like them to better your odds to beat them. So, the best way to ensure your survival when you come across a Foxy Loxy, is to become one yourself!

Watch the video about the K.E. Diet. Watch, listen, and do you research!



About lexiefo

I am a recent UND alumni who graduated with a B.S. in community nutrition and have just started my "big girl" stage of life...and have no clue what's coming next. So, to help settle my 'need to have everything planned out' personality, I'm blogging about my passion (wellness) and my experiences that come with graduating college.

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  1. Great story…Lisa

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