The C*ck Block

Yep, you read that title right: “The Cock Block”.

Have you ever seen the show Jersey Shore?  Well if you haven,’t, I’ll fill you in.

On the show, you see a group of four guys and four gals who all move into a summer house together.  You follow them along throughout their summer and the majority of what you see is them going out to clubs every night and getting completely smashed.  The guys (and some nights the gals too) look for ladies that are DTF (Down To F…. I’ll let you guess the last word), or girls to bring home and “smush”, their word for have sex with.  There is usually some drama, the occasional fight, and a big of relationship drama that goes along with it.  But all in all, the show does a really good job of making you believe that all these people do is go out, every single night, get drunk and have sex (when in reality there is a lot more to each of their lives than just this).

Here is the kicker, in North Dakota, there is this policy that says if someone has impaired judgment and reasoning, they cannot legally consent to sex.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a gal; if their judgment and reasoning are impaired, they could charge for sexual assault.

So let’s add alcohol.

When we drink, the first thing that happens is alcohol slows down our central nervous system (’cause alcohol is a depressant and that’s what depressants do).  So the central nervous system is the stuff that lets your brain tell the rest of your body what to do.  So it’s telling me to breath right now, for my heart to beat and for my fingers to push down the keys it tells it to.  Once you get to a 0.10 Blood Alcohol Content (so this is when slurred speak starts, balance is a bit off, and you start to get tired and feel less of the buzz) your judgment and reasoning is impaired.  SO, if you like to go out and party looking for someone to have sex with DON’T DO IT IF THEY HAVE SLURRED SPEECH! OR, if YOU, have slurred speech!  If their speech is slurred, their judgment is off and they could later choose to pursue sexual assault charges!

My friends, if you’re gonna go out and drink, go with friends and LOOK OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER!  Here it comes- are you ready for it? COCK BLOCK EACH OTHER! I know I sound ridiculous (who want’s to be cock blocked?) but seriously! If you see your friend hitting on someone who has slurred speech and you know your friend is looking to “get it in”, COCK BLOCK THEM!  Tell ’em, “hey! not tonight!  get their number!  text ’em tomorrow, do it tomorrow once you’re both sober”.  If they’re a good friend, they’ll thank you for it later.


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