Thursday Night Culture Series

Pursuit of Wellness

Thursday Night Culture Series: Social

March 1, 2012

Last night I attended Thursday Night Culture Series.  Nepali Speaking Bhutanese Community was the highlighted culture.  This is not my first time attending a culture series, but they never get old!  I love learning about how different cultures celebrate holidays, cook, dress, etc.  For example, were you aware that 75% of this community are Buddists?  or that Bhutan actually means “high land”?  I’m guessing probably not, unless you were at culture series last night too!  Attending these nights are wonderful for Social Wellness, because they provide you with a diverse group of people that you may not be familiar with.  After that one short hour you will feel more confident in your ability to have a conversation, something you may not have been able to do just an hour before! Its also a great thing to attend with friends.  My sister is my dependable plus-one at these nights.

Another  great thing about culture series is that they provide you wonderful authentic food  from the country they are highlighting that night, for just a dollar!  You can’t find that quality of ethnic food anywhere in town, especially with that price tag!  If this is something you have not experienced yet, I strongly encourage you to attend at least one.  I promise you, you’ll be hooked!


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