Spiritual Wellness

Dimension: Spiritual
Activity: Youth Group Retreat (Wildcard)
Sunday, February 26

Sunday marked the end of my Pursuit of Wellness game journey; however, the presence of all seven dimensions of wellness will continue throughout my time at UND and beyond. Sunday the 26th was a wildcard, a perfect day to conclude my last dimension, spiritual wellness.  At a local church in Grand Forks, I have the privelage of working with 8th grade girls as a small group leader for youth group. This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Minnesota for a youth group retreat at a Bible Camp. I was excited to to be with the group outside of the usual setting and for an extended period of time. The entire weekend involved worship through singing and hearing God’s Word from the speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend getting to talk with the middle schoolers about the Bible and God’s purpose for their life. Throughout the weekend we also played several games and activities such as a broomball tournament on the iced over lake. Overall, it was a great weekend, as it challenged me in my faith as the girls seek answers about their spiritual wellnes journey.


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