Power Cycle

Dimension: Emotional

Activity: Power cycle

Saturday, March 3rd at 11am

Oh! Not again. That’s what I thought before attending Power Cycle. I knew what to expect going in because I had attended this class once before. At much as I was not looking forward to the class, I knew I would be glad at the end for going. The instructor would say don’t cheat yourself, push yourself! And that is exactly what I did for 45 minutes. I am really glad I went to the class and I know I will be going again. Loud and fast music along with the instructor’s motivations make the class go by fast. This workout routine is not just focused on the legs. Since it’s cycling, at first I thought it would be a great workout for my legs. But this workout equally works the abs as we do moves to work the abdominal muscles. The cycling session was divided into many sections. Sections with up, lean, sit and sprint were the hardest part for me. I was in charge of how much I wanted to push myself. What I got out was what I put in. Overall, the class was a welcomed torture. Cardio workouts need to be intense and this class is a perfect cardio class. I am sure everyone will be glad that they went to this class. Enjoy!


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