Physical Checkup!

Dimension: Physical
Activity: Use Self Care unit at the Healthier “U” Office @ the Memorial Union
Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Went to the Healthier U office at the Union to find out exactly what the self care unit was!!!>>@#  I had no idea what was involved in this process.  To my surprise, they had a section of their office where students can take their weight, blood pressure and even height.  I was impressed.  I always thought I had to go to the Wellness Center to get my weight checked as I didn’t know of anywhere else on campus, unless I went to Student Health office to see a doctor…then would I get to check my weight and height if I wanted, blood pressure is mandatory.  It is so easy for everyone to do it themselves and especially for those who are secretive in wanting others to see their weight, its kind-of private…it works for that too.  But it was very informative to know that that kind of convenience was right there, since I go there almost every week and I will be sure to tell other colleagues of mine that this service is available to them also.


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