Attend a Practice Interview – Occupational

This morning I attended my last event for the Pursuit of Wellness.  And I can definitely say that it was well worth the effort!  I went to a practice interview with Career Services today.  This is one of those things that I know is offered on campus and always say to myself “oh I should really do that…” but never actually do.  If you’re the same way, then knock it off and get over there!

Even though I knew this wasn’t a real interview, I was still a little nervous as I was walking into my interviewer’s office.  However this nervousness quickly dissipated. I immediately felt at ease as I sat down, because Ilene provided a very calming demeanor and atmosphere for me.  We went through the basic interview set-up, discussed appropriate dress and actions while being interviewed, and covered in detail popular interview questions.  Many of the questions we covered I often feel that I struggle with in an interview, but she offered me wonderful pointers on how to prepare for these questions, as well as the best way to answer and tailor them to myself.

I walked out of Career Services feeling soooooo much more confident in my interview skills, and I can thank the Pursuit of Wellness Challenge and Career Services for that!


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