Lets get physical… kind of..

Dimension:  Physical

Activity: Visit the UND Health & Wellness Resource office and use the Self-care Station

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 (Happy leap year!)

So, in a way I feel like I took the path of least resistance for this band, because I didn’t actually do anything physical to get it… However, I am ok with that, because I do work out most days of the week, and even tried the “Night Cycle” class this week (that was… interesting).  Instead of going skiing (I was going to before, but there was no snow then) or going to workout classes, I visited the Health & Wellness Resource office, where I used the self-care station to find out about my blood pressure.   This was interesting to me, because even though my blood pressure was taken recently at a doctor’s office, they NEVER actually tell you what it is!   I discovered that my blood pressure is 110/65, which I am told is pretty darn good.  Apparently my meditation and working out is actually doing some good for me 🙂

On another note:  Wooo!  I have collected all of the wristbands of wellness!   My rainbow of bands on my water bottle is now complete!! 😀


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