Cycle for a Cause

Dimension: Spiritual

Activity: Attend Cycle for a cause class the wellness center

Tuesday, February 21st at 5:15pm

I would always ponder on the idea of getting paid for working out. Don’t you think it would be an amazing incentive if you were getting paid to work out every day? Well, what I was not aware was the fact that somebody else had already thought of this (with a better modification). Instead of getting paid for yourself, you can work out and help others; kind of donating your workout effort.  Last Tuesday, I participated on a group exercise class called cycling for cause. I got to the room 10 minutes before the scheduled start time but was surprised to see that most cycles were already occupied. Although I have cycled before, I had never participated on instructed cycling class. So, I did not know what to expect. Before class started, our instructor told us a little about the program. Every week people would gather to cycle and donate the miles that they have cycled for a cancer research. During the class, instructor would tell some facts about a particular cancer- Prostate Cancer for that day. So the music videos that were played on the screen and facts about Prostate Cancer made 45 minutes workout appear go fast.  It was the shortest 45-minute workout I have every participated on. I was also amazed by the intensity of the workout. I never knew cycling could be that intense. If you haven’t participated in group exercise class, I strongly recommend you do. At the end of the class you would not only be walking away with the greatest sense of accomplishment but, with some knowledge about cancer as well.


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