Living Through Violence!!

Dimension: Emotional
Event:”Living Through Violence: The Oncebay Textile Family” Photography and Textile Exhibition at the North Dakota Museum of Art
Date: February 18, 2012

Visited ND Museum of Art and the gallery showing living through violence.  It showed a violent period in Peru in the period of 1980 to 2000.  There was so many political violence with involving a group called The Shining Path where they killed nearly 60,000 people and over 600,000 were forced to abandon their homes.  The pictures were horrible…(in a good way).  They were graphic, but it really allowed me to try to figure out why people could kill so mercilessly all because they thought they were right.  There were pictures of dead dogs hanging from posts in the town with signs saying ‘Sons of b-word’…excuse my language…People who were bombed in a truck and they were only bystanders.  I don’t get it! What actually makes people think they have the right to take another life because they can !!!  Who are they??? What is man ??? We are but dust of the earth, that’s what we were created from and to act AS IF THEY HAVE ANY KIND OF RIGHT TO DO THAT … WHO gives such authority?  In my opinion that’s wrong. Only God has that kind of POWER! But I only wish, that people will begin to examine themselves and realize we are here only for a time and that respecting others’ lives is a means of valuing our own.  See that changing yourself first, CAN eventually change the world…one day at a time!


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