Culture Night, Social

Dimension: Social
Date: Feb 9
Activity: Attend Culture Night Series

I attended the Liberia Culture Night to obtain my Social Band last night. I didn’t eat the meal (had just eaten 😦  ) but I stayed for the presentation where they informed the audience about the environment, culture, food, and history of Liberia. The speakers were a bit hard to understand, but I ended up leaving being better informed of the African country and their culture. The food smelled SOOOO good it was a huge bummer that I wasn’t able to eat. Even though Liberia isn’t really known that much in our community, there were quite a few people there! I went with one of my friends, but since it was so packed, we ended up sitting with a few kids from the dorms that neither of us had met before. It was a relaxed atmosphere to meet new people, and even though I didn’t eat, I sat at a table with people who were in the presentation. I met a ton of new people! While Liberia was obviously a lot about the culture of Liberia, it was just as much as I giant friend mixer! Great way to meet new people!



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